Ian Lurie 27 Sep, 2010

PageRank explained, without math (really)

Whenever I try to explain the concept of true Pagerank – not the fake number you see in the Google Toolbar – I find myself going into all sorts of metaphorical gymnastics. PageRank is like a tree… no, it’s like a fountain… no, wait, an electrical grid… or is it a squid…? At long last,… Read More


Tom Schmitz 10 Sep, 2010

Optimize for Google Instant Search SEO

As Elizabeth wrote for PPC yesterday, Google released Google Instant Search. By combining a database of search histories, a probability engine and some AJAX programming, the search engine displays the most likely non-paid and PPC searches based on the characters that have been typed so far. Google believes this will save humanity billions of hours… Read More


Ian Lurie 9 Sep, 2010

Google Instant isn’t going to end the universe

Here’s the thing about Google Instant: It doesn’t change search as much as you might think. I’m not ignoring the fact that it’s a big innovation. The speed required to make Instant work is mind-boggling. Somewhere in the world lights flicker every time you do an Instant search. But it’s not going to cause SEO’s… Read More

brand stacking SEO

Ian Lurie 9 Sep, 2010

Brand stacking in Google: My SEL column this month

It’s not about Google Instant, but if you want to get a few tips on taking advantage of Google’s new brand stacking feature (so last week) I wrote a column about it: How to grab more rankings with Google’s branded search results


Ian Lurie 7 Sep, 2010

10 (almost) ironclad arguments for SEO

SEO. What’s the deal? Why do marketing VPs, IT teams and CFO’s flee, screaming, at the mere mention of search engine optimization? I have no answers. However, I do have a few points – data-driven or otherwise – that I’ve used to sell SEO in the past. I’ve tested extensively, and I can tell you… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 Sep, 2010

Video sitemaps can cleanse your soul

This post expands on one of the ten blogging tips I presented at the SEOMOZ pro seminar yesterday. I’ll be writing about the others over the next few weeks, and will tie them all together when they’re done. I’m not a video guy. I know I use screencasts a lot, but the idea of having… Read More


Ian Lurie 31 Aug, 2010

Fixing broken links using Levenshtein Distance: A PHP tool

One easy way to recover lost link authority is to 301 redirect broken external links to relevant pages. But, if you’ve got a site with hundreds or thousands of URLs, and dozens of broken external links, doing that correction can be a real headache. Enter Levenshtein Distance. That’s a fancy name for a simple concept:… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Aug, 2010

Google algorithm change – big brand bias?

Google just announced a change to their algorithm: They’re now going to show more pages from a single domain for certain queries. You’re tempted to run out into the street, strip naked with sheer joy and yell OMG all our troubles are over reputation management now a cinch!!! Wrooooong. Stay inside. Keep yer clothes on.… Read More


Ian Lurie 17 Aug, 2010

SEO worst practices: The content duplication toilet bowl of death

50% of SEO (search engine optimization, in case you live under a big rock, or you’ve never been to this blog before) is staying out of the way, staying out of trouble, and letting search engines find everything on your web site. It should be easy, but people seem to constantly create new ways to… Read More


Tom Schmitz 17 Aug, 2010

Changing a Blog’s Location

Changing the location of your blog can be cause for a deep breath, but it may be the right move for you. How can you know?

rel canonical SEO

Ian Lurie 12 Aug, 2010

Rel = canonical: Refuge for the weak-minded? You make the call

My column this month is titled “Why I still Hate rel=canonical“. It’s because, see, I used to hate it. And I still do. Because it’s stupid. Don’t flame me here, though. You can go ahead and do it right on Search Engine Land, and get lots more support: Why I still Hate rel=canonical

huzzah workshop SEO

Ian Lurie 25 Jul, 2010

SEO training video – Huzzah! workshop

Last week I presented intermediate SEO training at the July 19 Huzzah! workshop. I recorded it, and Jenn Matthews has very kindly let me release the video. The sound is awful, for which I apologize. I’ll be bringing an external mic with a filter for this week’s advanced SEO training. But, there’s still some good… Read More


Tom Schmitz 21 Jul, 2010

A Flavorful Blend, Yahoo! Organic Search, Now With 25% Bing

And so it begins… You may have heard that soon Bing will provide all the paid and non-paid search results in Yahoo. Or you may have heard some twisted version of this because the whole thing is so complicated. Personally, I like the Frankenstein imagery. Although it’s kind of cool to think of a Bing… Read More


Portent Staff 13 Jul, 2010

To Sub-Domain or Not to Sub-Domain? That is the question.

Just a quick note, I hated Shakespeare in school. Once I was done with school, it became a fascinating series of life lessons and twisted, timeless comedies. In the battle of sub-folders vs. sub-domains I always fight in the name of sub-folders. Sub-folders have that magical power of creating a unique URL and inheriting the… Read More


Ian Lurie 9 Jul, 2010

The On-Page SEO Cheatsheet

A Fat Free Guide member asked for an on-page SEO cheatsheet. I put it together and uploaded it early today, so that subscribers could download it. But I’m feeling generous, since it’s Friday and no air conditioners have flooded us out in 2 whole days, so here it is. If you’re responsible for writing articles,… Read More

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