How to: Write a decent SEO recommendation

by Ian Lurie 21 Jul, 2011

The best way to drive a client crazy? Talk a lot, but tell them nothing. The SEO industry has a lot of people who are really, really good at that. I’ve seen some true artists: Men and women who can speak or write thousands of words without uttering a single useful thought. Stuff like this:… Read More

question mark small SEO

Why all SEOs should learn to write

by Ian Lurie 20 Jul, 2011

People. search. for words. Other stuff 22 ways you’re making marketing difficult. Speak carefully WSJ, WTF?! Google Panda & Subdomains 18 random thoughts about internet marketing When everyone works together, SEO just works. Marketing truths: People buy pleasure, not prevention 11 reasons smart people start internet marketing agencies 11 reasons no sane person starts an… Read More


After Launch SEO Checklist

by Tom Schmitz 18 Jul, 2011

What are the first things you check after launching or re-launching a website? Here are seven things worth checking. Robots.txt Make certain that the search engines can visit and index your website. The blocking of search engines occurs more often than you may think. Developers disallow all spiders on the beta site then forget to… Read More


WSJ, WTF?! Google Panda & Subdomains

by Ian Lurie 14 Jul, 2011

Take a deep breath, everyone. The Wall Street Journal published an article July 13 all about HubPages, and how the site saved itself from Google Panda’s evil clutches by spreading their site across multiple subdomains. In the article Amir Efrati implies in a very-hard-to-pin-down-but-easy-to-assume way that subdomains may be a magical solution if you’ve been… Read More


When everyone works together, SEO just works

by Ian Lurie 11 Jul, 2011

SEO works best when everyone works together: Creative, PR, social media, writers and yes, the SEO team. I’ve preached that for years. But it almost never happens. The PR agency ignores us. The dev team smiles like they just smelled sour milk and then leaves. The branding team holds up relevant holy symbols and backs… Read More


SEO lessons: Google drops Twitter

by Ian Lurie 4 Jul, 2011

Google has let their subscription to the Twitter firehose expire. That means Twitter’s gone from real-time search, for certain. Actually, it appears real-time search is just gone. I don’t see ‘latest’ any more: I’ve never been a fan of real-time search: As I said in 2009, a real-time stream of poo is still poo. The… Read More

Soovle - all the web suggest tools in one place SEO

4 Under the Radar SEO Tools

by Matt Gratt 30 Jun, 2011

SEOs love their tools. New tools can provide important new insights, never before possible. (However, we must remember – the tools are only as smart as the user. Tools give you leverage – you must supply the motion.) Here are 4 under the radar SEO tools I learned about at SMX: Chartbeat What it is:… Read More


8 reasons I don’t care about (toolbar) PageRank

by Ian Lurie 27 Jun, 2011

Google rolled out their latest Toolbar PageRank update today. Yawn. I said it was stupid last year. I’ll say it again this year. Toolbar PageRank is 50% meaningless, 25% misleading, 20% useless and 5% worth tracking. It has slightly more impact than Google +1. Here’s why I wouldn’t use it to measure page value if… Read More


A new SEO factor: QualityRank

by Ian Lurie 8 Jun, 2011

Ooh! Ooh! Did you see that?! I just made up a new term! I, Ian Lurie, can now put my stamp on the industry. QualityRank. It has a nice ring to it, yes? By tomorrow 10 conferences will invite me to keynote. Google has talked about ‘quality user experience’ and ‘quality content’ for a long… Read More


Keyword research that doesn’t suck – how to

by Ian Lurie 19 May, 2011

“You own a shoe store? Then you should optimize for shoes.” I actually heard an SEO tell that to someone at a conference, many years ago. The hapless listener (let’s call him HL) owned a shoe store. I don’t know if the SEO involved: Hated HL; Wanted the property that HL’s store occupied; Was was… Read More

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