4 Under the Radar SEO Tools

Soovle - all the web suggest tools in one place SEO

Matt Gratt Jun 30 2011

SEOs love their tools. New tools can provide important new insights, never before possible. (However, we must remember – the tools are only as smart as the user. Tools give you leverage – you must supply the motion.)

Here are 4 under the radar SEO tools I learned about at SMX:


What it is: Chartbeat is real-time analytics for your website. Rather than viewing delayed aggregate pageviews, Chartbeat lets you analyze behavior of individual users in real-time.
Why You Should Use It: Google Analytics was great when everything was a pageview. Now that the web has grown to be social and real-time, you need a new generation of analytics to match. Warning: VERY ADDICTIVE.
What It Looks Like:
Chartbeat - real time web analytics
How Much It Costs: 30-Day Free Trial. Subscriptions start at $9.95/month.
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Hat Tip: Danny Sullivan


What it is: Soovle is Google Suggest on steroids – you can use Soovle to get the suggested search terms for any phrase from Google, Amazon.com, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Answers.com, and Wikipedia.
Why You Should Use It: Do keyword research even faster and get more ideas.
What It Looks Like:
Soovle - all the web suggest tools in one place
How Much It Costs: Free!
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Hat Tip: Christine Churchill

WhiteSpark Citation Finder

What it is: WhiteSpark Citation Finder finds you citation and directory listing opportunities. Rather than simply listing the big 5 directories everyone knows about, Whitespark Citation Finder goes deeper and finds citation opportunities you’ve never dreamed of.
Why You Should Use It: Local search optimization is about optimizing places and citations, not just websites. With this tool, you can find citations more efficiently then you ever could before.
What It Looks Like:
Local Citation Finder
How Much It Costs: Free!
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Hat Tip: Matt McGee


What it is: Tout lets you send emails en mass from templates. The app also gives you email analytics – so you can see who opened and who took action on your emails.
Why You Should Use It: Tout was built to scale press outreach and sales emails, so it’s perfect for industrial-strength link building. You can also see which of your outreach templates have the most effective message.
What It Looks Like:
Tout - email like a boss
How Much It Costs: Plans range from $12/month for 1 user to $99/month for your whole team.
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Hat Tip: Justin Briggs

What are your favorite SEO Tools?

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