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SOS: Save Our (Organic) Social

by Madelaine Kellman 17 Jul, 2014

It is not exactly breaking news that brand page organic social efforts are being thwarted by Facebook’s algorithm changes, which are making it harder than ever to get your organic social updates seen by your desired audience. But all hope is not lost! There is a strategy that if implemented correctly can potentially improve your… Read More

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Why Social Media Strategists Matter in the Digital Marketing Realm

by Braxton Kellogg 10 Jun, 2014

If you work in social media, you’ve probably heard “Why?” more times than you can count. “Why does this matter?” “Why is social media valuable to my business?” “Why should we be paying you to help us?” I’ve been working in the social media world for three years now, and “why” questions are what I… Read More

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How Not to be an #EPIC Social Media Fail

by Madelaine Kellman 27 Mar, 2014

Alright, we all know which brands are nailing it when it comes to social media. I’m lookin’ at you Uber, BuzzFeed, Seattle PrideFest, Oreo, Nike, NO H8, and Coca Cola. These names represent a variety of businesses, brands and events. But despite their differences, every one of these companies has achieved great success by being… Read More

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What’s Ahead for Social? Believe in Yourself(ie) for 2014

by Braxton Kellogg 29 Jan, 2014

No matter where you looked in 2013, there was always someone within a few feet of you with his or her arm outstretched, snapping a photo or shooting a video. In fact, Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2013 was “selfie.” Yes, that’s actually a thing. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t… Read More

What TWTR Has To Do Social Media

What TWTR Has To Do

by Ian Lurie 12 Nov, 2013

Disclaimer: I’m not an analyst. I’m not a master marketing prognosticator. But sometimes it’s fun to look at a company and ask “If this went perfectly, what would it look like?” That’s what I’m doing here. Don’t buy stock based on my ramblings. Please. Yep, Twitter’s gone public. They’re now TWTR. (Which I find funny,… Read More

Space the Dog Internet Marketing

Essential Characteristics of an Internet Marketing Applicant or How a Dog Got Me My Job

by Madelaine Kellman 4 Oct, 2013

The vast field of Internet marketing may not necessarily be new, but it certainly has changed from the days of simple email campaigns and standard websites. Now it involves numerous sectors, from SEO to social media and everything in between. It is rapidly changing and requires someone to have their finger on the pulse of… Read More

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Google Hangout: Making Friends, Not Followers

by Portent Staff 2 Oct, 2013

The team at MackWebSolutions pulled together a panel of experienced community managers including our Director of Social Media, Sara Lingafelter, for a Google Hangout yesterday to discuss the difference between friends and followers, and how to target the right people with your social media and other outreach efforts. The panelists included: Sheena Medina – @sheenamedina… Read More

August 23rd wasn't a happy day in Facebook-land. Social Media

Funky Facebook Insights: Facebook Suspicious Account Removals

by Sara Lingafelter 25 Sep, 2013

Hi. My name is Sara, and I’m a Facebook Insights junkie. I was getting my latest fix yesterday, while trying to figure out an explanation for a client’s relatively high rate of Facebook page unlikes that we detected in August. Yes, we use tools for this stuff; but we also still dive deep into the… Read More

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Are Social Fails Good Business?

by Sara Lingafelter 19 Sep, 2013

I seem to be unflinchingly attracted to disciplines where you rarely see a front-page story about a just-plain-good day. I grew up in the equestrian world, a sport where the only television footage you see from the Olympics is of horses tumbling over jumps and riders falling all asunder.  I’ve also been shaped by my… Read More

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Social media crisis management: Be sincere, and verify.

by Ian Lurie 17 Jul, 2013

My rule in a social media crisis: Apologize, but verify. If your brand screws up: Remind yourself that you do not get to decide what an apology is. The audience does. Apologize sincerely and promptly. Start monitoring response sentiment. If you don’t see a recovery within hours, try again, with feeling. In real life, failing… Read More

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