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How to Upload More Original Content to Pinterest: Pins for 31 Categories

by Bryden McGrath 9 Apr, 2012

By now, we all know Pinterest is the “latest,” “greatest” and “hottest” social network out there. Pinterest boasts some eye-popping statistics, like the fact that it passed Twitter in referrals and broke into the top 30 US sites in terms of pageviews in February. Still, the hullabaloo over copyright issues has scared some users away. Pin It Terms… Read More

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Facebook is Watching You

by Doug Antkowiak 29 Mar, 2012

A post in the Subreddit r/Facebook on Wednesday claims to show you how to identify people you don’t know who view your profile. It raises a serious question: Is Facebook recording every move you make on the social network? How would you feel if you knew if Facebook recorded your name, location, action and time… Read More

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You’ll “Like” Our Facebook Timeline Guide

by Doug Antkowiak 29 Mar, 2012

As Facebook upgrades all business pages to Timeline on March 30, 2012, we wanted to make a living infographic of the new Facebook Timeline design to help everyone make the change. Portent’s Timeline Dimensions page on Facebook displays best practices for the Facebook Timeline cover photo dimensions, profile and photo dimensions as well as custom… Read More

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44 Ways ‘The Hunger Games’ Social Media Campaign Increased the Movie’s Odds of Success

by Bryden McGrath 21 Mar, 2012

In Suzanne Collins’ post-apocalyptic young adult novel The Hunger Games, 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen finds herself in a televised fight to the death with other teenagers. If she’s to survive, she’ll need some luck. But when it came to making sure the $75 million Hollywood adaptation would be a success, Lionsgate knew luck wasn’t something they could… Read More

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Networking at Search Marketing Conferences: 3 Tips for the Painfully Shy

by David Portney 8 Mar, 2012

  ‘Tis the season… for search marketing conferences, that is. I have several colleagues who just returned from SMX West (and learned some lessons in search marketing). I myself just returned from SEMpdx’s SearchFest 2012, and there are many more conferences coming up this year – so many that I won’t even try to list… Read More

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Steve Martin’s Twitter Book Teaches Us 4 Lessons in Engagement

by Jack Martin 24 Feb, 2012

Steve Martin and his Twitter book make this Twitter Tuesday funny. Since starting as a stand-up comedian in the late 60s, Steve Martin has been an actor, playwright, author, and one hell of a banjo player. In 2010, Martin brought his famous persona to the digital frontier: social media. Steve Martin hit the social media… Read More

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7 Celebrities on Twitter We Could Actually Learn From

by Bryden McGrath 21 Feb, 2012

You might be like me. Sure, I follow a couple of my favorite comedians or musicians on Twitter, but overall, I don’t really care about the tweets of the rich and famous, or that Blue Ivy isn’t a Batman villain. However, in my never-ending quest for social media knowledge, I figured there was a thing… Read More

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Why Your Twitter Profile Picture is More Important Than You Thought

by Jack Martin 14 Feb, 2012

It’s Twitter Tuesday, and my study of good Twitter profile pictures has yielded some blog-post-worthy results. But first, a question: If a tweet falls in the forest, will anyone read it? You’re churning out 140 characters of brilliant headlines and observations. You’re promoting great content through links. You’re participating in relevant hash tags. And you’re… Read More

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Twitter shows up in Google SERPs again

by Ian Lurie 4 Feb, 2012

Important update: Man, did I get this one wrong. Andy Beard correctly points out that this result showed up because I follow Lucky on Google+, and they have a link to their Twitter profile in their Google+ profile. The result only shows up once in a while, and in my Saturday-morning haze it I mistook… Read More

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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Google+ Direct Connect?

by Doug Antkowiak 3 Feb, 2012

When I brought up Google+ Direct Connect with Ian, he already knew that Google+ will build your search traffic, but when it came to authenticating a Google+ page, he didn’t really know what I was talking about. In a nutshell, Google+ Direct Connect allows users the ability to discover a Google+ page by adding the… Read More

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