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How to Add Multiple Administrators to Google Plus Pages

by Doug Antkowiak 13 Jan, 2012

In late December, Google announced the ability to delegate up to 50 named managers as administrators for a Google+ page, yet Google forgot to tell us one little secret. How the hell do you grant admin access to multiple users? If you’ve already created your Google+ page, use this simple tutorial to help others join… Read More

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Utilizing Facebook Insights to Identify Potential

by Ryan Moothart 11 Jan, 2012

When you run an ad campaign in Facebook to get more fans for your business page, you’re able to analyze your performance using Facebook Insights. Recently, Facebook completely removed the old version of Insights and made their new version mandatory. If you’re not familiar with the new Insights, they feature more in-depth and granular information… Read More

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What Happens When the Social Media Guy Gets Banned from Facebook

by Doug Antkowiak 10 Dec, 2011

Today, I received this lovely message from Facebook. I know what you’re thinking. What did straight-edge Doug do to anger his favorite social network? The short answer is that I posted a cartoon of two people having sex while making status updates on their phones with the caption, “Looks like this is the new definition… Read More

StumbleUpon Grows to 20 Million Members Social Media

Visualizing the StumbleUpon Audience

by Matt Gratt 14 Nov, 2011

StumbleUpon has gone from hipster niche play to social media giant. In this post, I’ll analyze and visualize the StumbleUpon audience, and give some tips for marketers seeking to use this channel to drive traffic. With more than 20 million users, sending more than 1 billion referrals per month, StumbleUpon is a major player in… Read More

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Want An Internet Marketing Internship? Take My Advice

by Doug Antkowiak 12 Nov, 2011

Yes, it’s true. Portent is looking for two interns: a social media intern and a PPC intern for the winter months. The position starts ASAP and both have the potential for full-time employment. If you know someone fresh out of college who might dig a fun gig where they’ll learn the ropes of internet marketing,… Read More

Facebook Tips for Business Social Media

11 Tips for Making Facebook Your Business’ BFF

by Mike Fitterer 12 Oct, 2011

You know what’s startling? The endless supply of companies that EPIC FAIL in the Facebook realm.  Soooo many companies grasp that they should be on Facebook. They get that this whole “Social Media” thing can positively impact their business. The problem is that many businesses opt to have the CTO’s 12-year-old create an account and… Read More

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Baby, Oh… What Justin Bieber Taught Me About Social Media

by Doug Antkowiak 16 Aug, 2011

Awhile back, I saw Guy Kawasaki speak at the Google campus and he said, “The Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never is the best example of social media. Ever.” Before I go all Bielieber on you, I have to admit Guy Kawasaki was right… technically. Besides The Social Network, I’m assuming there are very few… Read More

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Facebook Fandom: One Portentite’s Evolving Experience

by Mike Fitterer 15 Aug, 2011

The internet is my homeboy. It keeps me warm during the harshest of winter days, and makes the best of times even better.  I love Twitter, Google Analytics, news sites, joke sites, sports blogs, nerd blogs, and blogs about blogs. So it’s safe to assume I’ve always had 23,343 fans on Facebook, right? Negative Ghostrider. … Read More

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Facebook Reveal Tab Tutorial

by Jarrod Medrano 11 Aug, 2011

I am going to explain how to create a Facebook tab with like to reveal functionality from start to finish. You will need to have PHP and cURL installed on your server to make this work. Step 1: Download facebook.php from the Facebook PHP SDK You can get a copy of the PHP SDK here.… Read More

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QR Codes: A Social Experiment at SMX

by Michael Wiegand 23 Jun, 2011

A few weeks ago at SMX, I wanted to try something. I was too busy to order business cards in the weeks leading up to the conference. And in lieu of taking generic company cards to the show, I figured I’d make a QR code for folks to scan. QR Code Destination At a conference… Read More