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Twitter SEO Strategies for Online Newspapers & Magazines

by Tom Schmitz 16 Jun, 2011

Twitter SEO Strategies for Online Newspapers and Magazines – Part 1 This is the introduction to a series about how online newspapers and magazines can use Twitter for SEO and achieve greater visibility in the process. Twitter is an SEO signal. Google and Bing have told us so. Through observation we know that Tweets can… Read More

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Google +1: NOT the internet marketing messiah

by Ian Lurie 2 Jun, 2011

In the last few weeks, Google’s been hyping their new +1 voting feature. Click the little +1 and tell everyone you liked a particular search result. Then they announced the +1 button. Click that and tell your network about a page you like, right from that page. You don’t have to be on Note… Read More

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Update: Facebook Iframe Bug Fixed!

by Doug Antkowiak 10 Mar, 2011

Note: The following post was written on March 10, 2011. Facebook has since fixed Bug 15200 and pushed back the deadline for creating new FBML apps to Friday, March 18th as announced on the Facebook Developer Blog. Having trouble viewing a Facebook iframe via https? You’re not alone. When the Portent development team was hard… Read More

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Facebook Page Changes You Must Make Before You Upgrade

by Doug Antkowiak 14 Feb, 2011

Facebook finally made the page design changes we all expected since their accidental upload in December. Tabs are gone, FBML is on the way out and pages can talk to other pages (hope you’re hungry for a tasty batch of Facebook Spam). Every Facebook marketer should be asking themselves, "When do I have to upgrade… Read More

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A Facebook Events Rant – RSVPs and the Event Wall

by Tom Schmitz 13 Jan, 2011

I do a lot of Facebook events. Every other week I send invitations to a list nearing 800 people. It’s an opt-in list. All are members of an organization and Facebook is where we communicate with each other. Of those 800, between 150 and 300 typically attend. That means 500-650 do not. When someone attends… Read More

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HootSuite U – The Clown College for Social Media

by Doug Antkowiak 10 Jan, 2011

Earning a degree from HootSuite University is like playing basketball against your dog. It’s super easy, and it’s a waste of time (unless you go toe-to-paw with Air Bud, the free-throw shooting dog). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big HootSuite fan. It was the social media tool of choice for Portent Interactive because it’s… Read More

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RSS – The Black Leather Jacket of the Internet

by Tom Schmitz 5 Jan, 2011

Among all the new trends for 2011 I’m reading about the imminent death of RSS. People have moved on to Twitter and Facebook. Really? Me thinks some prognosticators need to cool their jets. First, RSS was never popular to begin with. What did it reach, a 15% market share? Twitter probably got more users in… Read More

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Is 2011 the Year of Local Mobile Social?

by Tom Schmitz 4 Jan, 2011

Some say 2010 was the year of local search, some say it was the year of mobile and others say the year of social. Strong arguments can be made for all three.   Google reimagined local search. Looking back it seems like each month the search engine introduced new changes. The three/seven pack of local… Read More

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Why Can’t I Like/Comment on a Post in Facebook?

by Doug Antkowiak 9 Dec, 2010

A weird problem sprang up overnight on Facebook that prevents non-friends from commenting or ‘liking’ posts on their news feed or business page wall.

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New Facebook Profile Changes

by Doug Antkowiak 6 Dec, 2010

It’s apparent that the new profile changes are Facebook’s way of allowing each profile to take on a narrative. Personal biography information like your job status, education and home town are clustered together and bumped to the top of the page.