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Promoting Your Company on LinkedIn Just Got Easy (Kind of)

by Doug Antkowiak 19 Nov, 2010

As the Facebook of the business world, LinkedIn has become the go-to social media scene for career movers and shakers, and now it’s more influential than ever.

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News Feed Optimization: Get the Most from Your Facebook Content

by Doug Antkowiak 19 Oct, 2010

Optimizing your Facebook posts for the News Feed should be your first plan of attack in your battle for social marketing supremacy.

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My first foray into sponsored tweets. FAIL.

by Ian Lurie 20 Sep, 2010

Note that I am using as part of this test. I am not saying is bad. They have a great site, a nice toolset and make no promises. I am suggesting (spoiler alert) that sponsored tweets rank in profitability somewhere below hiring alchemists to try to turn lead into gold. Sometimes, I just… Read More

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SEO and Social Media: Huzzah Seminar Video

by Ian Lurie 26 Jul, 2010

I taught part of another Huzzah! training today. The topic: SEO and social media. I talked about how to build a real, natural audience in social media, and take advantage of that in your link building and content efforts. I recorded the whole thing. Huge sound problems again – I’m cursed, apparently, at Wappow’s offices.… Read More

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Should I Run a Contest for Linkbait or Social Media?

by Tom Schmitz 17 Mar, 2010

Should you use online contests for social media and SEO?

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Oscar Movies are Like Optimized Websites

by Tom Schmitz 8 Mar, 2010

Did you watch The Oscars last night? It occurred to me that motion pictures are a lot like websites primed for organic search and social media. Movies as Websites Think about the meticulous attention to detail that goes into an Academy Awards caliber movie. It requires a compelling story – well written, skillfully performed, lovingly… Read More

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YouTube videos are 50x more likely hit page 1

by Ian Lurie 3 Mar, 2010

One innocent Tweet and everyone went nuts. Sheesh. The YouTube Video Optimization session at SMX West today kicked butt. Out of many cool tidbits, one really stood out: Matt Ballek pointed out a Forrester study showing that an optimized YouTube video is 50x more likely to get onto page 1 of Google than an optimized… Read More

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Spin Your Social Media Marketing Flywheel

by Tom Schmitz 2 Dec, 2009

I’m going to tell you a secret that people in social media marketing and social media optimization don’t like to talk about. Fame begets fame. If you’re a celebrity or popular brand then social media will be particularly easy for you. For those of us who are celebrities only in our own minds, you and… Read More

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230 Link Bait Ideas

by Tom Schmitz 14 Aug, 2009

Generating great link bait ideas is hard work. When link bait works it’s magical. Watching the page views, unique visitors and server load all go up at the same time is like watching the wheels spin on a slot machine right before it lands on 777. The difference is that a slot machine depends wholly… Read More

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Free e-book: Social Media Monitoring w/ Google Reader

by Ian Lurie 12 Aug, 2009

I’ve been kind of a jerk lately, even by my standards. My guilt is your gain, though – I just finished writing an e-book, and I’m making it available free, no strings attached: The Fat-Free Guide to Conversation Monitoring shows you how to monitor what folks say about you in social media using Google Reader… Read More