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Where is Your Social Media Marketing Headquarters?

by Tom Schmitz 23 Jul, 2009

This post is about the nature of social media. The premise is simple. Your social media marketing needs a  centralized location, a headquarters. Notice I did not write that you should centralize your efforts. That would be too much like those classic cartoon scenes in which the characters disappear behind skinny trees. When you hang-out… Read More

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We’ve got High Tweets – We got High Tweets

by Portent Staff 2 Jun, 2009

Become instantly cool with High Tweets! You thank your lucky stars.

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New Tool: Twitter Trends Analysis

by Ian Lurie 1 Jun, 2009

I’m a hypocrite. Yes, a year ago I heaped scorn on the idea of me writing about Twitter. Now, I’ve not only written about it, but I just spent 3 days building a tool that analyzes trending topics. Check it out at How HighTweets works Every 5 minutes, HighTweets grabs the latest trending topics… Read More

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Whopper Virgins: Not Appalling. Not Brilliant, Either.

by Ian Lurie 23 Dec, 2008

Chris Abraham over at Marketing Conversations wrote an thoughtful critique of Burger King’s new Whopper Virgins campaign. I appreciate Chris’s opinion: The video is at times jingoistic and, frankly, a little embarrassing if you’re an American. Burger King went out of their way to find people in local clothing minutes from major urban centers in… Read More

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Killer Facebook Marketing Strategy

by Tom Schmitz 5 Nov, 2008

These days more and more companies are using social media to build influence on the web. It’s challenging. Many fail or give-up because social media sites possess a formidable barrier to entry, one designed to keep hawkish salespeople at bay. Web 2.0 or community sites reward genuineness just as they toss commercial behavior into the… Read More

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Identify Top Bloggers

by Tom Schmitz 8 Oct, 2008

Becoming active in social communities and on blogs is an important element of social media marketing. One way to do this is to read blogs by others in your sector and in your target market’s sector, then subscribe to the leaders. Select a handful of bloggers with whom to build relationships. Comment regularly on their… Read More

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How to Build Reputation & Branding with Articles

by Tom Schmitz 12 Aug, 2008

Two fundamentals of building authority in search engine optimization are adding content and earning links. A terrific way to do both is to add link-worthy and vote-worthy articles. Votes come from social media web sites like StumbleUpon,, Reddit and Digg. The more votes an article receives the more prominently it gets displayed on those… Read More

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Twitter Secrets Revealed

by Tom Schmitz 29 Apr, 2008

Twitter is a Popular Group Chat Client When Twitter came on the scene 2006 I was an early adopter. Chatting IRC style with the addition of subscribers and an archive was most compelling to me. I was quick to abandon it too. Back then you may as well have shouted, "Hello!," into a desert canyon,… Read More

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