Why Can’t I Like/Comment on a Post in Facebook?

Doug Antkowiak Dec 9 2010

Facebook thumbs down

If you’re having trouble liking or commenting on a post on Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

Back in the day, I wrote a blog post answering the question, “Why I can’t comment on Facebook?” It was a commenting issue that lasted for two hours in 2010, which is barely a “poke” in the history of Facebook. Even though the information was as relevant as a double rainbow, people still keep finding this post and leaving comments about their latest Facebooking issues.

That’s why we’ve updating this page to include some more timely frequently asked questions about why Facebook isn’t working. Check out our Facebook FAQ and tips, and if you still have a question, tweet at us or leave a comment below.

Questions to Ask if You Can’t Like/Comment on Facebook

Is Facebook working?

Try checking the website down for everyone or just me? Most of the time you’ll see this:

Facebook is up

Sometimes people set their privacy settings to prevent non-friends from liking, commenting or viewing their content.

Am I liking/commenting on too many things in a short amount of time?

Clicking “Like” too many times can get you in trouble. Let’s say it’s your birthday and you receive 100 messages on your wall. If you try to like everyone’s message in under a minute, Facebook might block you for engaging in what they call “annoying or abusive behavior.”

Did I Violate Facebook’s Policies?

Facebook temporarily blocked

This seems like a no-brainer, but one time I violated Facebook’s rules and didn’t know it until the next day. After sending me to my room without dinner, Facebook wouldn’t let me update, like or comment for 24 hours.

Why can’t I see sections of my profile?

Facebook says this could be a screen resolution issue or an outdated browser issue. Make sure your browser resolution is set to 1024 x 768 or higher and update your browser to the latest settings.

If you’re still having issues, clear your cache and cookies and add “www.facebook.com” and “http://fbcdn.net” to your antivirus safe sites. If you’re still having issues after that, for the love of God just download Google Chrome.

Why is my account messaging sending out links I didn’t mean to send?

You were probably hacked, my friend. Best thing to do is change your password to something with seven characters that includes letters, numbers and special f#$%ing characters. After you update your user settings, send a message to your friends letting them know not to click on your links.

Don’t feel too embarrassed, it totally happened to me once (luckily my friend knew to play along):

Facebook hacked

What does “Database Write Failed” Mean?

This is usually the most common error message you’ll see when Facebook is down. Someone in Palo Alto probably unplugged something they shouldn’t have when they saw the IPO falling again. Other than reporting the issue, you can’t do anything but sit on your duff and wait for Zuck and the gang to fix it.

For the most part, the best advice when Facebook is having a hiccup is to just be patent and try it again in a few hours. If the problem still exists and Twitter hasn’t blown up about it, feel free to tweet us and we’ll try to help you out.

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  1. Via Facebook, where I have an account, I am trying to post a comment on an editorial in the Cinti. Enquirer (cincinnati.com). Neither Facebook nor Cincinnati.com provide directions on how to do this. I am obviously an amateur on FB so there must be some obvious way I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Sam,

      It looks like cincinnati.com uses a Facebook application called Facebook Comments. To leave a comment, all you’ll have to do is sign into your Facebook account before you comment on an article on cincinnati.com. When you leave a comment, your update will appear on the article and in Facebook at the same time. This system is good for publishers because it generates more article impressions each time someone interacts with it on Facebook or the website.

    • Tawny


      I can type a message but, when I go to send it and press enter because that is the only option and yes I have tried both enter buttons, restarting my computer and refreshing the page, but still when I press the enter button it deletes my comment rather than posting it. Thank you, Tawny Ellis

      • Im having the same issue as some of the other people here, cant comment on posts, like posts and cant download pics either. Wont let me change my profile pic unless I use one from before……… WTH is goin on here??????????

  2. Doug,

    I need your help. For some reason, when I view Facebook pages that are classified as “places”, I no longer have the option of creating an original post on those pages. No “box” is present on the left hand side of the wall that allows me the ability to share an idea/link/video/picture. However, I can comment on existing posts and like them. Any idea what I can do to correct this? It is something in my settings? I appreciate any and all help you can provide. Thanks!


    • Hi Phillip,

      That is odd. I haven’t seen this issue yet, but if you send me a link for the page to my Twitter, I’d be more than happy to check it out. Without seeing the issue, I’m wondering if your administrative access has been revoked on those pages. Also, we recently had an issue with one of our client pages where the page was recategorized from a business page to a fan page. We had to contact Facebook and ask them to make the switch back to a business page.

      Let me know if that helps,


  3. Mari


    Hi Doug! I am no longer able to post on any pages I have “liked”. The “Post/Photo/Video” box does not show up on any of these pages for me. However, my husband has “liked” the same pages & the “Post/Photo/Video” box shows up on his end. I have sent an email to FB about it already but not sure if I will receive a response anytime soon (if at all). Do you know of a fix for this?

    • Alli


      I am having the same problem and looking for an answer.

  4. I woke up thismorning to find i cant comment on any status but i can on pics and posts??

  5. Emily


    When I log into FB as my PAGE I can’t Comment or Like anything on the entire web, whether within FB or on sites outside of it.

    If I log into FB as my PROFILE I can do all those things.

    Is this normal behavior? I want to add FB commenting to my website, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to reply to any comments!!!!!!

    Thanks for any insights…

    • Hey Emily,

      Facebook tries to keep a strong separation between pages and profiles. Basically, pages can only comment on other pages within Facebook. To answer your question about installing Facebook commenting on your blog, Facebook allows you to moderate the commenting with your personal profile. You’ll have the power to block bad words and inappropriate users, but if you need to respond to a question you could comment as your personal profile.

      Another option might be to respond to a comment by posting a new update on your Facebook page wall. Let me know if that helps.

      For more info on the Facebook comments app: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/

      • hi Doug, I can’t seem to update my status or write anything on other friends timeline. Please Help

  6. Doug,

    I need your help. Can I ask you a question ? Why I can’t like pages on Facebook ? One day, I joined a contest and they said I need to like their fan page to join the game. And its Fan Status Failed. What can I do to change that ? Thank you ! Hope you will reply :D

  7. joanna


    Good Day

    Mr. Doug,

    I need your help. I can’t like , comment or even update my status in Facebook, and I don’t know why it happened. :(( Hoping for your reply… thank you :)

  8. my facebook is not working in chat and comments

  9. paola


    Mr. Doug,

    this morning i opened my Fb,there’s a prolbem in my account.
    i can’t post,like anything on my acccount, can’t even click post bottons..and my chat box isn’t loading
    so i try to use my other account ,and it works..
    i need your help.how can i fix the problems in my fb?

  10. Iwan


    okay now ” Did I Violate Facebook’s Policies? ” This Feature is blocked .. I have the same problem .. but you said 24 Hours .. Im Blocked for a week till now and this is not getting fixed .. what to do ? please…

  11. chef


    So this so called annoying abusive behavior, do they eventually let you comment/like again?

  12. hello there,
    here is my issue. around the afternoon i could use fb with no problem with every device i have, cell phone laptop, consoles and PC’s, but around 4pm i couldn’t like, comment or even update my status, But i was aloud to use chat and view everything. Now as of 9-23-2012 i cant update status or like anything or even comment on anything. The error i get is

    Please Try Again Later
    An error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes.

    i get that anytime i try to do those things.

    NOW which is even better i submitted the report for bugs and now i cant even do that. I wont do anything.

    I have used other peoples fb to try and send an error report and it works fine. they can do everything and i cant.

    Please help me

    • oh heres another issue. I cant even reset my password. It gives me an error as well. I cant even like a FB page made by FB itself

  13. Brad


    Hi Doug,

    So for the past day, i havent been able to like, comment, post or change anything on my facebook page, ive even tryed deactivating my account but it says the password i used is incorrect, when i used the same password to log in with? this is really bugging me as i use facebook for alot of promotional use, and being that i cant post anything, makes that useless for me.

    Please help! Brad.

  14. Iwan


    I still can’t like and comment even my own posts .. it pased half month .. what to do ?!

    • Bummer. It sounds like a tricky, one-off problem. Assuming you’ve tried my advice in the blog post, you might want to look at the privacy settings to see if you’ve blocked the ability to interact with anyone. Otherwise, you might consider creating a new account. Let me know if that helps.

  15. Dana


    I started a new group but I cannot post any pics to it and members cannot like, subscribe or post to it?

  16. Jay


    Hey Doug,
    I checked and doubled checked everything mentioned above and I am still unable to comment on/like any posts including my own status updates. I have no idea wtf is going on so if you could shed some light on my dilemma it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  17. Daniel


    I can like and post comments on everything. Except now while three days ago I could like and post on a certain page I haven’t been able to since then. Are they able to block me? It’s a political page that I had no trouble with before.

  18. Hunter


    Ok, so I can like all I want on posts, but I can’t comment, but I can like and comment on my friends posts, it’s only problems with page posts
    It said that I had posted an offensive comment but I don’t post many bad comments, and I don’t offend people, not to mention, as I said before, I can comment on my friends posts.
    I’m so confused, so if you can help me, please email me for a sollution

  19. Anonymous


    Facebook has this feature that filters you from spamming or commenting multiple on a thread, but I’m not sure how to really explain it. I’ve experience this kind of situation where we made the comment box as a chat box and receive a note that prohibits me from commenting. Anyways thanks for sharing this wonderful post!!

  20. Diana


    Hello Doug! :)

    I can’t put likes or comments in my FB page since yesterday. As you wrote before I think the problem was because I put many likes in some friend photos.
    But, In addition all the comments and likes that I left to my friends as reply in my page since Tuesday simply disappear.
    I was hacked or this could happen too?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Austin


    I cant seem to see anyones comments or comment on things myself as well as message accept or decline inv or like anything on face book its as if something happened to my account. i was just wondering if there was a bug or if i did something wrong.

  22. I can’t post a comment and also I can’t do liking.

  23. Autumn


    Hi, I can’t like or comment on anything on Facebook. Also, I cannot see likes or comments on any page or post on the website. This is not just my profile because when my friend logged on to her Facebook account on my laptop, she had the exact problems.
    Please inform me if you have any information on my issue.
    Thank you.

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