Earned Success:

Portent helps AutoWeek rank #1 for “Detroit Auto Show” Over Show


Autoweek is a major online and in-print publication focused on all things automotive, including general car news, reviews, and auto show updates.

Each year, “Detroit Auto Show” – and terms related to it – attract hundreds of thousands of searches from people looking for general information on the show, as well as the latest news.

Since the show occurs in mid-to-late January, search volume is especially heavy from December through February.

Engagement Goal

As part of its ongoing contract with Portent, Autoweek made a #1 rank for the term “Detroit Auto Show” a top priority, particularly during the show itself. Autoweek believed the increase in position would translate into a surge in traffic to their website.

Results at a Glance

Autoweek Results

  • Traffic gains of 34,200 visits year-over-year
  • Moved from the #4 position for “Detroit Auto Show” in December 2012 to a #1 ranking during the show, including ranking ahead of the official show website


In order to achieve Autoweek’s goals of better rankings and increased traffic, Portent developed an overall strategy aimed at increasing their visibility to, and authority with, the search engines.

The tactics employed included:

  • Changing the URL structure to use the full name of the auto show (from http://www.autoweek.com/section/detroit to http://www.autoweek.com/section/detroit-auto-show)
  • Recommending that title tags and keywords focus on “Detroit Auto Show” and include the year 2013
  • Suggesting Autoweek add keyword-rich text links to other relevant articles within the section to boost
  • keyword-relevance with the search engines and improve user navigation paths to relevant content
  • Providing keyword-rich Alt text recommendations for images within the auto show section, leading to those images displaying more prominently in Google image search


With Portent’s guidance, Autoweek accomplished its goal of a number one ranking for “Detroit Auto Show,” outranking the show itself, generating over 34,000 more visits to the Autoweek website in 2013 than the previous year during that period.