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Social Media Email Series

This Social Media email series is prepared by Sara Lingafelter, Portent’s Director of Social Strategy. In it, you’ll learn some of the universal truths of Social Media, how to avoid a few key social pitfalls, and get a peek at a handful of low-cost tools to help preserve your social sanity.

PPC Email Series

This PPC email series is written by Elizabeth Marsten, Portent’s Senior Director of Search and one of the top paid search experts in the USA. In it, you’ll learn the basics of PPC, how to avoid some of the bigger pitfalls, and how to get started.

Free SEO Email Series

A Portent email series is a great way to have real, practical, human-authored tips for improving specific areas of your Internet marketing.Just choose a series, enter your email address, and we’ll do the rest. Easy as Pi.