Social Media Means Business (Video Series)

The average social media strategist makes around $60,000 per year.  At that rate, not many small and mid-sized companies can afford to keep someone dedicated to social in-house… but that’s no reason you can’t know what they know.

Ian Lurie – a leading expert in social media marketing and the CEO and founder of Portent – is offering a comprehensive social media training course chockfull of tips and tactics that are applicable to any company, regardless of size.

The best part?  You can put what’s in his head in your head for under $200.

Check out the following three minutes to see why buying Ian’s videos might prove to be the best $59,800 you ever saved.

A top-to-bottom social media training

This three-part, two hour course provides you with a clear, easy to follow roadmap for social media success, including:

  • Learning the turf: An overview of the social media space and the leaders who matter.
  • Doing the work: What to do and how often to do it.
  • Implementation and maintenance: Handy tools and tips for realistically managing a social media campaign while engaging your audience.
  • What your mother never told you: Big and small techniques for getting attention, from what words to use (and not use) to image placement.

95,000 people can't be wrong

Still not sure? Check out the slides and see what Ian covered:

Without any narration or annotation from Ian, the slides alone got over 95,000 views on SlideShare.

After you purchase, you can either click on the download link or log in to Portent to view the streaming.

About Ian Lurie

Ian is the CEO and founder of Portent, and a 17-year internet marketing veteran. His blog is one of the top 30 on Advertising Age's "Power 150." He speaks about social media and internet marketing at conferences worldwide, and consults with organizations in a wide array of industries, including fashion, travel, politics and enterprise business to business. He is also co-author of the Internet Marketing All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies, now in its second edition.

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