Oliver I

Frequently Asked Questions about the Moodinator

Thanks for using the Kitten Moodinator. We hope you had fun and will continue to check your mood incessantly — or at least once a day. Below are some FAQs about it.

1. Who’s this “Oliver?”

Let's face it: we all love our cats. And all cats are special, unique, and valued. But every once in a while, a cat comes along who is slightly different — not necessarily 'better' in any way, but fascinating. He (or she) just has that intangible charisma...call it 'star quality.'

Oliver I has this. But with this quality comes something I like to call 'star personality.'' To put it bluntly, Oliver is a diva. He wants what he wants when he wants it. To eat, to be pet, to sleep, to nuzzle, to scratch, to climb on the tops of doors...all on his timetable.

Oliver on top of a door Oliver still on top of a door Oliver napping

And if he doesn't get what he wants? You can expect him to:

  • (Strongly) voice displeasure
  • Jump, then stand, on your head
  • Knock over anything liquid
  • Attack his sister Izzy

Oliver I was delighted to inspire the Kitten Moodinator, powered by his cartoon likeness, Oliver II. Here are a few other essential Oliver I stats:

Born: April 2011 in Kent, WA
Litter size: 6
Relationship status: Single
Throws: Left
Bats: Right
Likes: Pounce™ brand treats
Hates: Posers

2. Why did you do this Moodinator thing anyway?

First of all, at Portent, Inc. we have a very strong dog contingent, but we're equal opportunity. We like cats. Secondly, we love making awesome, and we think the Kitten Moodinator is pretty awesome. Finally, we're excited about the work we do, and are excited to have a chance to tell more people about Portent, Inc.

3. Who is Portent?

Portent, Inc. is a Seattle-based, full service Internet marketing and technology company. Founded in 1995, Portent has grown into one of the nation's premier Internet marketing firms, helping businesses in the realms of SEO (search engine optimization), paid search, copywriting, social media, web development, and more. Portent's approach has succeeded in industries ranging from technology to travel, for B2B, B2C and B2G companies.

…And did I mention that we like cats?

Oliver hiding under a blanket where you least expect him