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RainGage™ Site Diagnostics

RainGage™ Site Diagnostics is Portent’s proprietary crawler. Originally built strictly for search engine optimization, it has evolved into a powerful site diagnostic tool. It crawls your site and then, using a highly-flexible search and diagnosis system, lets us check your site for:

  • Page performance issues
  • Correct site-wide analytics implementation
  • Broken links
  • ‘Low quality’ pages with little or no content
  • Duplicate content that might hurt your site’s ability to rank on search engines
  • Code best practices
  • Page-by-page metadata and topic
  • Overall site structure
RainGage high-level crawl report

RainGage Site Diagnostics provides a high-level look at site quality…


RainGage Web Site Crawl Tree

…and provides detailed data at a page-by-page and even tag-by-tag level.

Enterprise-class diagnostics

RainGage Site Diagnostics can crawl hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pages. That lets us diagnose SEO and other site issues at massive scale. We combine that with a flexible query engine that lets us check your site for any issues around code, response and content.

Clients from Kate Spade to Attachmate have trusted Site Diagnostics to improve their sites. You can, too.

Portent’s SEO Advantage

We are one of the select few marketing companies that can offer a proprietary tool this powerful. Because of RainGage Site Diagnostics, Portent has a distinct advantage over our peers, both in providing SEO recommendations as well as maintaining healthy sites. The thorough reporting, site analysis tools, and crawl technology help us identify optimization opportunities as well as an overall strategy for our clients’ campaigns.

Learn More

RainGage Site Diagnostics is not available for public use. However, you can purchase one-time crawls and crawl reports. If you’d like to learn more about it, contact us:

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