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Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  21 Mar, 2008

Bad Monkeys (Part 1): Getting the Most Out of Your Agency

Everyone who has worked in internet marketing for more than 5 minutes has encountered the following situation: Someone, somewhere says something like, “I notice that the first chart on page 7 shows our bounce rate on the Press page jumped by 10% in February.” It sounds like a reasonable enough question. Why is your bounce… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  22 Jan, 2008

2 Sure Ways to Launch a New Product Online. And 2 Sure Ways to Blow It.

You’ve got something new, and nifty. You’re excited about it. Of course everyone else wants to know about it, too. But how to get the word out? 2 Good Ways To Get The Word Out On the Internet Both these methods are about audience building. You build audience by giving them information, not a sales… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  20 Nov, 2007

Marketing Is About Decisions.

If you can’t make a decision, don’t go into marketing. Don’t try to manage a marketing team, either. [if you couldn't tell - today's post is a rant] Or, as I like to say: Behind every bad marketing campaign lies a herd of managers. This is doubly true in internet marketing. 90% of internet marketing… Read More

Internet Marketing

Portent Staff //  26 Jul, 2007

Buzz Marketing With Petitions

Hi all. Dean Hunt is a Buzz Marketing expert who kindly offered to do a guest post on the subject. Read on… So what exactly is Buzz Marketing? Buzz Marketing is essentially the art of pumping so much emotion into your readers, that they feel the need to shout your message from the nearest rooftop.… Read More

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