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film reel Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  1 Feb, 2012

Webinar video now available

All I ask in exchange is your soul. Well. Actually just your e-mail address, if you don’t mind. Click here to sign up and watch the video of the first webinar, ‘Internet marketing 101′. I won’t spam you. Much.


Ian Lurie //  28 Apr, 2011

Linkscape + Google Spreadsheets. Together, at last.

First, a brief interlude: AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHH OK. I’m good now. Primal scream complete. The documentation for Google App Scripts is… less than perfect. So I have to start by thanking Tom Critchlow of Distilled. He sent me the initial script that made Google Spreadsheets play well with the LinkScape API. Otherwise, I’d be in a small,… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  7 Dec, 2010

Conversation Marketing, The E-book: Now on sale

Back in 2001, I sat down at my blazing fast Pentium computer and started writing a book about internet marketing. Brainstorming it with John Cass, we realized “Hey, the internet is kind of two-way, like a conversation…” and that led to the title Conversation Marketing. Little things like babies slowed me down a bit, but… Read More

Design & Development

Ian Lurie //  19 Nov, 2010

5 response codes you gotta know: Learn to speak server

Whether you’re an internet marketing wonk, a top IT geek or an SEO pro, you need to know how to speak web server. Not fluently, of course. If you can do the equivalent of asking where the bathroom is, you’ll be in good shape. That’s what I’m going to go over now. When you visit… Read More

first crawler Featured

Ian Lurie //  13 Aug, 2010

Writing a Python site map generator: Part 1

This is part 1 in a short series about my attempt to learn a new programming language. 'Cause, you know, it's what nerds do. The journey begins: My site map generator I wanted to build a decent site map generator. To me, 'decent' means: It can crawl and parse pages, grabbing links, without generating an… Read More

Design & Development

Ian Lurie //  29 Apr, 2010

Super-fast string handling in ColdFusion – Geekery

OK, getting VERY geeky here. You only want to read this post if: You program in ColdFusion. I’ve been using CF since the late 90s. It’s far and away my favorite programming language. You get happy tingly feelings when you make an application run 60-70% faster. You’re a nerd. If you’re still here, this is… Read More

using wordpress Design & Development

Ian Lurie //  13 Jan, 2010

HTML Basics Lesson 5: Using WordPress

This one’s an experiment: I’m going to spend this and the next few HTML Basics lessons showing you how to use WordPress to apply the HTML stuff you’ve learned in the last 4 lessons. An introduction to using WordPress to add and edit content on the web. Please let me know what you think –… Read More

ehub SEO

Ian Lurie //  2 Oct, 2009

SEO and Your Business Model: Site Review of eHubPensacola.com

For this week’s site review, I took a look at eHubPensacola.com. My advice: Build a search-optimized home page. Focus on the business model. You’re offering coupons and discounts. Make sure folks can get access to them quickly and easily. Then use that to build a relationship and get visitors to purchase membership. SEO and Business… Read More

313px-Google_Sidewiki_Screenshot Random

Ian Lurie //  23 Sep, 2009

Google Sidewiki Hacks

Already found two useful hacks in Google Sidewiki, although I still wonder why it’s around. Make links work If you create a link in a Sidewiki entry, Google adds on some annoying extra stuff, so that: www.portentinteractive.com/services.htm becomes www.portentinteractive.com/services.htm&sa=D&sntz=1 That’s an invalid link, and it’ll give you a 404 error every time. The fix is… Read More

deadfrompowerpoint Featured

Ian Lurie //  17 Sep, 2009

The plague that is Powerpoint

I’m striking out against the grand tradition of Powerpoint-as-outline, aka Powerlines. They’re a fatal illness breaking out at conventions, conferences and in board meetings across the country. The authorities would like you to think this is all under control. But trust me, THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING until it’s TOO LATE, and we’re all barricaded in… Read More

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