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desc-tag-sample SEO

Ian Lurie //  4 Sep, 2009

SEO 101: Does the Description Tag Matter?

Short answer: Not to your rankings. The description tag is one of those ‘meta’ tags you hear about a lot. If you clicked view >> source in your web browser, it’d look like this: It’s a bit of text that summarizes the page. There’s no real limit on length. Most search engines will show the… Read More

americanparkour Featured

Ian Lurie //  17 Aug, 2009

Video Site Review 1: Improve Subscription Rates

Just recorded our first video site review. This one’s American Parkour. Biggest problem on the site: No clear subscription model. You can subscribe for newsletters, etc., but they’re not front-and-center. And this site’s subscription list is clearly the biggest asset they can have. So, here’s the video: Tips for American Parkour to improve their online… Read More

ffg conversation tracking Featured

Ian Lurie //  12 Aug, 2009

Free e-book: Social Media Monitoring w/ Google Reader

I’ve been kind of a jerk lately, even by my standards. My guilt is your gain, though – I just finished writing an e-book, and I’m making it available free, no strings attached: The Fat-Free Guide to Conversation Monitoring shows you how to monitor what folks say about you in social media using Google Reader… Read More

sessj09_HearMeSpeak Random

Ian Lurie //  2 Aug, 2009

Speaking at SES San Jose

I’ll be doing a site clinic at SES San Jose: 10-11AM on Tuesday, August 11th. Here’s the official spiel: The Curmudgeon’s Web Copywriting Clinic SEO, PPC, social media: You work hard to build traffic. But is your site’s copywriting driving away visitors? Get your site’s copy reviewed for: – Online readability – Call to action… Read More

title-bar-tag Featured

Ian Lurie //  29 Jul, 2009

SEO 101: What’s a Title Tag?

I’m spending today trying not to spontaneously combust. Assuming I don’t vanish with a puff of smoke and a FOOMP, this will be a quick primer on title tags. In case you don’t know: In web terms, the ‘title tag’ is a hidden bit of code on your page. It’s typically visible to the public… Read More

business analytics Analytics

Ian Lurie //  5 Dec, 2008

Web Analytics Webinar Today (it’s free)

I’ll be presenting a webinar today: Transforming Google Analytics Into Business Analytics When: Tuesday, December 9, 12 PM PST (that’s today) Where: Here, on the web, silly The focus: Making actual, real-life use of Google Analytics to grow your business. No fancy shtuff like advanced segments. I’ll talk about: Data overload and how to avoid… Read More

most marketing sucks Featured

Ian Lurie //  24 Nov, 2008

Why Does (most) Marketing Suck? CM Summit Presentation

Just wrapped up my Conversational Marketing Summit presentation titled ‘why does most marketing suck?’. In it, I review: A brief history of marketing, as told by beer. Why and how you should select, rather than accumulate, customers. How you can better listen to your audience. The meaning of life. At least as a marketer. I… Read More


Ian Lurie //  28 Oct, 2008

A Copywriter’s Practical Guide To Smart Internal Linking

Yo, copywriters. If you freak out about semantic markup, then you have varying degrees of apoplexy over links. But linking is a critical part of smart online copy. Links are why it’s called the world wide web, and not the world wide collection of random disconnected bits and pieces. So you need to learn. Here’s… Read More


Ian Lurie //  24 Oct, 2008

A Copywriter’s Guide to Semantic Markup

Copywriters are a weird, weird bunch. They fearlessly crank out pages of great prose – an activity that terrifies most people – but are horrified when I mention something like ‘semantic markup’. The concept of a heading tag reduces the best writers to a mass of quivering jelly. Well, for all you writers out there,… Read More

ram-where-thumb-500x331 Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie //  8 Oct, 2008

October 16th Internet Marketing Triage Webinar: More Info

Note: Webinar cancelled – more info here. Sign ups for my October 16th internet marketing triage webinar have been, uh, less than stellar nonexistent. So I thought I’d give it another shot. October 16th, I’ll be doing a 90-minute webinar on internet marketing. My focus: Those first things you have to do if you’re going… Read More