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Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie28 Oct, 2006

Pyramid Marketing: A Pricey Test

Seth Godin had an article about MMMZR on his site. The concept was so bizarre and so interesting that I purchased an ad. Basically, it’s the ultimate pyramid marketing scheme, gone viral. It was expensive. Really expensive. But, on the other hand, it’s sent as much traffic to this site in the last two hours… Read More

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie25 Oct, 2006

Great Opt-In Marketing

Holiday Inn shows how opt-in marketing should be done.

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie25 Oct, 2006

Fear and Marketing Don’t Mix

Marketing is scary. Spooky. It requires leaps of faith. Brian mentioned this today, and pointed me to a post on Seth Godin’s blog. Very insightful. Remember it the next time you’re brainstorming and you stop yourself with a line like ‘but that will never happen’ or ‘but they won’t like that’…

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Ian Lurie22 Oct, 2006

A Quick Yiddish Lesson

Kvelling, in Yiddish, means ‘gloating’, ‘full of pride’ or the state of being delighted about something. I’m kvelling for a moment: My company was chosen as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Puget Sound. Number 48, to be exact. That growth is a testament to my clients, who have worked with us for years… Read More

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie16 Oct, 2006

The Future of Internet Marketing

SiteProNews had an article in my in-box this morning when I got to work. The best quote: “With articles and books being written about the Web’s natural ability to access niche markets (‘The Long Tail’ by Chris Anderson), businesses will soon realize that delivering meaningful content to interested audiences takes precedence over attracting volumes of… Read More

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie13 Oct, 2006

Killer Coke: Online Search PR Failures

Coca-Cola has failed to respond to an online campaign accusing them of atrocities. Here’s what I’d do if I were them.

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie12 Oct, 2006

Thinking Small: Bonuses for Clients

What if marketing and ad agencies paid clients bonuses?
Beau Fraser has an editorial on page 13 of this week’s Advertising Age that suggests just that. And internet marketing might be the perfect place to start.

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie11 Oct, 2006

No Excuses

Brian writes about the No Excuses Ethos. I’m struck by how well this applies to marketing, too. I screw up all the time. I encourage clients to bet big and lose big. Why? Because you learn either way. If you lose big, you learn big, and your chances of succeeding the next time grow exponentially.… Read More

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie9 Oct, 2006

September 28 Seminar Recording Available

You can now listen to my September 28th seminar at Adhost. It’s in MP3 format, 25 megabytes, 86 minutes, and is available for free. Just click and it’s yours. In it, I cover the entire Conversation Marketing process, from start to finish. I also answer some great questions from the audience. I also, apparently, say… Read More

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie4 Oct, 2006

Why Flash Home Pages Are Bad

I’ve tried for years to explain to clients why a Flash splash page is a bad idea. But SEOMOZ has the best comparison I’ve ever heard: When we have clients who are thinking about Flash splash pages, we tell them to go to their local supermarket and bring a mime with them. Have the mime… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie28 Sep, 2006

Speaking today

I’m speaking to a group today about Internet Marketing, at Adhost Internet Advertising in downtown Seattle. It’s booked solid, but they will be recording it. I’ll post the recording when I get it.

Portent Placeholder Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie20 Sep, 2006

I Don’t Speak Chinese

A colleague of mine told me a great story today: A friend of hers signed her daughter up for Chinese language classes. Her daughter didn’t want to go. When asked why, she said “Because I don’t speak Chinese”. Therein lies one of the great lessons of internet marketing.

Portent Placeholder Design & Development

Ian Lurie10 Sep, 2006

Usability: Error Messages

I just went onto the American Express web site to buy something using my points. The shopping experience was great, right up until I tried to complete my purchase. Then I got a screen that looked like this: Really helpful, guys. Thanks. At that point, I gave up. I’ll have to call them, taking up… Read More

Portent Placeholder Design & Development

Ian Lurie8 Sep, 2006

Analysis, and an ADA Checklist

NFB v. Target is just a ruling on a request to dismiss the case. It’s not final. But it could have wide implications for all web sites, as the judge rules that the ADA does apply to web sites. Here’s a quick checklist and some common sense guidelines to help you comply with the ADA.

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Ian Lurie8 Sep, 2006

Legal Precedent For Web Accessibility

Is your site accessible? Better check, because the first legal precedent is out.