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Ian Lurie30 Dec, 2007

17 Conversation Marketing Articles You May Have Missed

If you’re new to Conversation Marketing, here are a few articles and other writings you might want to review: 5 Must-read Books for Internet Marketers I have a copy of each, dog-eared and sticky-noted. 65 Ways to Improve Online Sales I couldn’t come up with 99. Conversation Marketing, the Book I published my entire book… Read More


Ian Lurie28 Dec, 2007

6 Ways to Keep My Daughter From Crying: A lesson in internet marketing

When I take my child to use your web site, it had damned well better work. My daughter just got a Rescue Pet. They’re adorable little stuffed puppies. They come with a code you can use at to log in, groom your pet, furnish a little house for it, etc.. The fun stopped there.… Read More

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Ian Lurie28 Dec, 2007

I’m asking you: What information would you pay for?

Ever the capitalist, I’m looking for ways to earn a bit more money online these days. I’m considering: Creating a series of MP3s talking about internet marketing strategy. Writing an ebook, Conversation Marketing 2, and selling that. Selling answers, literally: Folks come to Conversation Marketing, ask a question, I answer it. If you like the… Read More

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Ian Lurie27 Dec, 2007

Trying Out Entrecard

I’m giving Entrecard a try. Entrecard is an ad network for blogs. You earn credits when folks click on the Entrecard widget on your site: Or when they ‘drop’ a card, or if someone advertises. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far I see the potential, but I also see a lot of… Read More


Ian Lurie27 Dec, 2007

In SEO, Content DOES Matter

Be very, very careful when you read claims by bloggers and SEO ‘professionals’ that fresh content no longer matters. Content matters. A lot. Ignoring it will doom your efforts to get a high ranking, 99% of the time. I mean text content, by the way – text that you can cut-and-paste into a word processor.… Read More

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Ian Lurie21 Dec, 2007

Blogging Holiday – see you 12/26!

I’m taking a few days off to rest my weary brain cells. No blogging or tweeting until 12/26. Have a great Christmas and holiday week. See you in a few days.

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Ian Lurie20 Dec, 2007

Marketing Buzzwords 2007 Word Search

Hate the phrase ‘viral marketing’? Sick of ‘web 4.0’? Do this word search and you’ll be out of your mind in minutes. I’ve embedded lots of irritating buzzwords and phrases in a puzzle. Find ’em all and you get the rewarding feeling of having found them all. Some phrases repeat in slightly different versions. That’s… Read More

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Ian Lurie20 Dec, 2007

PPC Villain: PPC Worst Practices Blog

My staff are a bit of a sick bunch. That’s why I like them. The PPC team has put together a PPC worst practices site: There are plenty of best practices sites, after all. Here’s the first of what we hope will be many instructional videos:

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Ian Lurie20 Dec, 2007

A Christmas Present for Ian

OK, I’m Jewish. Hanukkah is over. But I still like Christmas*, too. This year, you don’t have to buy me anything. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed. I’m currently at 480 subscribers. My goal was to hit 500 this year. Which pales by comparison to most marketing bloggers, but… Read More


Ian Lurie19 Dec, 2007

Connect with me on Twitter

If you don’t know, Twitter is a sort of chat room/microblog where folks post short ‘tweets’ to each other. I’m taking a page from Jeremiah’s book. If you’d like me to follow you on Twitter, leave your Twitter handle below. I post links and little comments myself – you can follow me, too. My Twitter… Read More


Ian Lurie18 Dec, 2007

Facebook Are Much Better Now

Facebook just got rid of ‘is’, I think. I may be totally out of touch, and maybe they made this change days ago, but I’m so excited! I can write a status line without ‘is’! Woo hoo! I now return to regularly-scheduled programming.


Ian Lurie17 Dec, 2007

Social Media Press Release: The Next Step (an HTML template)

If you’ve been following the PR world of late, you know that the social media press release (SMPR) has gotten a lot of attention. This update of the stodgy old press release tries to blend social networking, rich media and text into a single, self-updating landing page for the media. It’s a compelling idea. One… Read More

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Ian Lurie17 Dec, 2007

Amazon Flunks Usability 101? Say it ain’t so…

Amazon needs to read GrokDotCom a little more. When creating links, use the words that call for action – the trigger words. Amazon failed to do that here: If you’re going to sign in, which words would you click? ‘Personalized recommendations’? Or ‘sign in’? Personally, I’d click ‘sign in’. But Amazon linked from ‘personalized recommendations’.… Read More


Ian Lurie16 Dec, 2007

Friday Book Review (On Sunday): Built To Last

Yup, a couple days late. I was out sick (missing my second consecutive company Christmas party). I just finished Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t. I read it after seeing how thought-provoking the book was for SEOMoz’s Rand Fiskin. It’s not a book about internet marketing. Not directly. But… Read More


Ian Lurie13 Dec, 2007

Test Your Web Team: The SEO Quiz

Update: The quiz tool I was using didn’t work quite as advertised, so I’ve just put the quiz right on the page. Correct answers are bracketed. Too often, web developers and designers say they’re SEO experts, when they’re not. As a client, you have to believe them – they’re the experts. So it can be… Read More

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