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Ian Lurie27 Nov, 2007

Facebook Advertising Sucks (for me, anyway)

I’ve been running test campaigns in Facebook, using their pay per click platform. All I can say is, bleah. I drove 1000 clicks. I tested 4 different ads, all of which saw a clickthru rate of .09%. I spent $140. The site’s overall conversation rate is 2%. Conversion from paid search ads is over 4%.… Read More

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Ian Lurie26 Nov, 2007

What To Do If Your Store Crashes (Yahoo! Stores Shut Down by Cyber Monday)

WebGuild reports that Yahoo Stores have been shut down by high traffic volumes. I just tried to use a Yahoo store. Load times were so slow I didn’t even get to checkout, which is apparently where the worst problems have occurred. If you prepared for Cyber Monday but used a Yahoo store, you’ve definitely been… Read More

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Ian Lurie25 Nov, 2007

3 Bits of Advertising Wisdom from Mad Men

I just started watching Mad Men. After one episode, I’m hooked. That first episode offers some great lessons if you’re in advertising: Inspiration has a place. At one point, the main character, drawing a blank about an account (a tobacco account, so I wasn’t necessarily rooting for him), draws a great idea out of thin… Read More

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Ian Lurie23 Nov, 2007

E-mail Marketing Smackdown – Clarisonic Marketing? Piece

In this episode, Clarisonic illustrates how to produce a truly awful e-mail marketing piece: The subject line was Time sensitive: Help us tonight at 8 PM and get a free brush head. Yikes. Here’s what I’d change to make this better: Change the tone. The writing style in this reads like it was sent by… Read More


Ian Lurie21 Nov, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my readers in the US: Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be offline for a couple days to recharge batteries and eat turkey…

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Ian Lurie20 Nov, 2007

Marketing Is About Decisions.

If you can’t make a decision, don’t go into marketing. Don’t try to manage a marketing team, either. [if you couldn’t tell – today’s post is a rant] Or, as I like to say: Behind every bad marketing campaign lies a herd of managers. This is doubly true in internet marketing. 90% of internet marketing… Read More

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Ian Lurie19 Nov, 2007

Book Review: The User is Always Right

A review of ‘The User Is Always Right’ by Steve Mulder and Ziv Yaar.

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Ian Lurie18 Nov, 2007

8 Ways To Get Ready for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, if you didn’t know, is the Monday following Thanksgiving. It’s becoming a huge online shopping day. Think of it as Black Friday, only online, and on Monday. If you have an online store, and you haven’t done anything yet, don’t despair. There are still some things you can do: Look at last year’s… Read More

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Ian Lurie18 Nov, 2007

Sunday Search Terms Fun

Every now and then I have to take a peek at the keywords report for Conversation Marketing. Well, OK, I obsessively check it every day. But sometimes you find some real zingers, and Vanessa Fox’s recent post inspired me to share: – buy a wife – buy an internet wife – buy a wife online… Read More

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Ian Lurie16 Nov, 2007

Stalking the Blogosphere: Know What Bloggers Are Saying About Your Brand

There are a lot of bloggers out there. Chances are one of them is saying something about your brand. They’re starting a conversation, whether you know it or not. The question is, are you listening? If you are, you can observe and adjust.

It’s easier than you might think. Here’s how I do some very basic reputation tracking using Google Blogsearch and an RSS feed reader:

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Ian Lurie14 Nov, 2007

30 SEO Tips for Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

Funny, isn't he?

Online publishers – newspapers, for example – depend on visits and pageviews for their livelihood. The biggest source of visits is still unpaid, ‘organic’ search results. So, why do so many publishers do such a poor job of optimizing their sites? I don’t know, either, but I’ve pulled together a list of easy tweaks and changes that can help make any publication improve its rankings, fast…

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Ian Lurie13 Nov, 2007

Get a Great Adwords Ranking: More than CTR x CPC

Why do some PPC ads rank well, and others fall no matter what you spend? There’s more to your pay per click ad ranking than your bid and your clickthru. Read on to learn what we know matters, and how you can get a better paid search ranking.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie12 Nov, 2007

Using Personas Boosts Conversion Rates 400%

Need I say more? GrokDotCom has the article here. When you’re done, you might want to read my articles about personas, too: Creating Great Personas The 4 Rules of Personas: Creating Great Personas, Part 2 3 Rules for Applying Personas to E-mail Marketing Search Marketing and Personas: Opening Your Customer’s Heads Technorati Tags: personas

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Ian Lurie10 Nov, 2007

65 Easy Ways To Improve Online Sales

Improving online sales isn’t usually a start-over-from-scratch proposition. Here are 65 little tweaks that can make a big difference.

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Ian Lurie9 Nov, 2007

Conversation Marketing on the Biglist

I’ve made the Biglist! Thanks Lee! It’s a great way to end the week!!!