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Ian Lurie12 Nov, 2008

Segmentation = Happiness: My SEMPDX Presentation

Why do internet marketers need to understand segmentation? So they don’t act like airlines, of course. That was my topic last night at the SEMPDX Hotseat. I just uploaded my slides, with backup text, to SlideShare. I provide a walkthrough of Google Analytics’ new Advanced Segments feature, as well as my thoughts on checked baggage… Read More

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Ian Lurie11 Nov, 2008

15 Rules for Business Bloggers

Blogs are the new web sites. Marketers launch ’em because they think they need ’em. They don’t consider the time commitment required, goals or why their audience would want to hear from them. Then the blog dangles off the corporate site like an appendix until it irritates someone in the organization, at which point it’s… Read More

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Ian Lurie10 Nov, 2008

Speaking at SEMPDX HotSeat Tomorrow – Come Heckle

I’m speaking at the SEMPDX Hotseat tomorrow night at 6:30. The topic: Web Analytics – Do you know what you’re looking at? More important, my co-panelist is Eric Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified fame. I will have just driven for 4 hours. He will have just driven for 10 minutes. Come see just how looped… Read More


Ian Lurie6 Nov, 2008

Marketing Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome: Dino Rossi Swallows Entire Leg

I’m sure Dino Rossi is sitting somewhere right now, wondering why he lost this election. After all, he was up against some dang tax-and-spend liberal. It might have something to do with his marketing strategy. He used these signs quite a bit during the campaign: Photo from Hal Mueller It’s a clever message: Teach all… Read More


Ian Lurie5 Nov, 2008

Internet Marketing Is Risky

(This is a 100% election analogy-free post) Internet marketing is not safe. No marketing is. It’s risky because: You’re marketing to human beings. Human beings aren’t all that predictable, unless you throw a $100 bill in front of them, or light their shoes on fire. The world’s complicated. Markets implode. Hurricanes happen. Or someone with… Read More

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Portent Staff5 Nov, 2008

Killer Facebook Marketing Strategy

These days more and more companies are using social media to build influence on the web. It’s challenging. Many fail or give-up because social media sites possess a formidable barrier to entry, one designed to keep hawkish salespeople at bay. Web 2.0 or community sites reward genuineness just as they toss commercial behavior into the… Read More


Ian Lurie4 Nov, 2008

Election Day Guide

It’s a momentous day, so instead of blathering on about marketing, here’s a few handy links for tracking the polls and the news around today’s election: Slate’s hour-by-hour guide to the election is a good run-down of what’s going to happen when. Polltrack has tons of maps, graphs and data for all you numbers geeks.… Read More

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Ian Lurie3 Nov, 2008

12 Reasons to Go to the Elite Retreat

Update: I’m going! See you there! Jeremy Schoemaker and his gang of internet marketing geeks just opened their second annual Elite Retreat for registration. It’s expensive. Really expensive. So expensive that if you have to ask, you may as well move on. But it’s the best dollars you can spend, because: Jeremy Schoemaker earns money… Read More

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Portent Staff3 Nov, 2008

Obama McCain SEO – My 2008 Election Prediction

It’s Monday, only a day before the election and time to predict the outcome of the 2008 Presidential race based on search engine rankings. The results are interesting indeed.   Based on What Google AdWords tells us are each candidate’s popular keywords The keywords’ Google rankings The monthly search traffic for those terms based on… Read More

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Portent Staff31 Oct, 2008

John McCain Keyword Chart & SEO Rankings

As promised, here are the keywords and rankings for John McCain. If you are wondering about the methodology you can visit Barack Obama’s keyword chart. On Monday I will compare the rankings and traffic estimates and use them to predict the 2008 Presidential Election.   Keywords Avg. Search Volume Position Monthly Organic Traffic Est. Web… Read More


Ian Lurie31 Oct, 2008

Find Me Online

Every now and then I let folks know the various places you can follow or connect with me online. I’m working on consolidating a bit, so here are the current online places I hang out: Facebook Follow/connect and I’ll follow back. I’m always up for a good conversation.

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Portent Staff31 Oct, 2008

Quick Photoshop Tip: Make your product images shine.

When designing a website for a business, it’s easy to overlook the little things. A lot of time is spent on design, layout, and development. Other, less glamorous things like image file size and product images are often overlooked. Attention to the little details in a website can make all the difference in the world… Read More

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Portent Staff31 Oct, 2008

Google Outbids Barack Obama for Obama’s Own Name

I was about to run this morning’s keyword chart on John McCain when I noticed that Google is outbidding Barack Obama for his own name in AdWords. The advertisement is for Google Maps Election ’08 Map Gallery and goes to a timeline of Barack Obama’s life. BTW, if you are ever in this neighborhood be… Read More


Ian Lurie31 Oct, 2008

Do Pumpkins Float?

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Portent Staff30 Oct, 2008

Barack Obama Keyword Chart & Google Ranking Report

With the 2008 Presidential Election only a few days away it’s time for a little end of campaign fun. Today I present you with Barack Obama’s keyword chart and Google ranking report. Tomorrow I will present John McCain’s keyword Chart and Google ranking report. On Monday I will run both ranking reports then compare them… Read More