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Ian Lurie11 Nov, 2009

Analytics-Driven SEO: A lesson in 4 steps

I’m speaking at Pubcon tomorrow in the Real-World Content Creation Tactics session. I’m going to focus on how you avoid destroying copy with SEO, and how to do great analytics-centric SEO. If you know me, you know I rehearse, in part, by writing. So here you go – a preview of tomorrow’s talk. “Write good… Read More


Ian Lurie10 Nov, 2009

12 SEO things I want

Access to real, accurate, useful, transparent query data. For all snake oil sellers to shag off. For all people who say all SEO is snake oil to shag off. A Google webmaster tools API that actually lets me read data. A real competitor to Google. Not that I don’t like Google, but c’mon. PageRank forever… Read More

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Ian Lurie9 Nov, 2009

Want to be a great internet marketer? Be like CSI.

I’m sitting here watching CSI (ironic, since I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow for Pubcon). What makes this show so damned compelling? The sneak peek plus a dose of authenticity. The sneak peek builds the connection You have a job, a career, or a business. You love it, but you do the same stuff every… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Nov, 2009

I got snake oil in my black hat (Guest Post)

This guest post is from Sarah Edwards, a writer and SEO at the Creare Group. You have to check out their SEO Song. It’s like marketing combined with American Bandstand. With so many search engine optimisation companies around, it can be difficult to know which ones are protecting your best interests. It’s important to know… Read More


Ian Lurie2 Nov, 2009

14 social media lessons we can all learn

Yep, my least favorite marketing term finally gets its own list. Aside from my occasional outpouring of hatred. Truth is, though, whatever you want to call it, social media is teaching us how marketing should work, and how it’s always worked. Here’s a list of my thoughts on the subject: 1. It’s just media. Listen… Read More

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Portent Staff30 Oct, 2009

Dear Yahoo, Please Stop Showing My Ads for EVERYthing

Dear Yahoo, While I admit that I was pretty annoyed with the Google session based keyword searches, I have to say that Yahoo has them beat. Ever since they advanced “advanced” matching that’s been taking over in PPC accounts, keywords that used to see 3,000 impressions in a month are now seeing 3,000 within a… Read More


Ian Lurie29 Oct, 2009

8 marketing messages we all know are lies

After a few years in marketing, it’s hard to say any of these without blushing. The louder we say it, the more you can depend on the fact that we’re lying: We care about your business. Typically said as the customer service department shoves something splintery into whatever orifice you forgot to seal shut. Made… Read More


Ian Lurie27 Oct, 2009

RFPs Suck – Don’t take my word for it…

Update: RFPs Suck now out in paperback 11.30.09: RFPs Suck is now out in paperback, folks. Recent events have only proven to me that Tom’s formula really works. If nothing else, you can read his book to screen for RFPs you should – or shouldn’t – respond to. RFPs are like a colonoscopy: Someone you… Read More


Ian Lurie26 Oct, 2009

Sound Transit Web Site Review: They get an F-

Sound Transit is soliciting comments and ideas to improve their web site. I’ve long seen this site as a blight upon all public transit, so I did a special edition video review. Note that I am having a crappy week, and it’s only Monday, so any harshness is totally 100% authentic: For God’s sake, guys,… Read More

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Ian Lurie22 Oct, 2009

13 Internet marketing tips for Realtors

Yo, realtors: You guys rock. You help people make the biggest purchase of their lives. But you don’t understand marketing. Or at least it seems that way. Here are a few tips: Don’t send me canned e-mails with the same content that every other realtor is sending me. It does nothing for me, or you.… Read More


Ian Lurie21 Oct, 2009

Free web site review contest: The winners

The submissions are in, the judges (well, judge) has decided. The winners of a free 10Things web site review are:, because they bought a copy of my book., because Laurence’s post made me laugh. Alex Hardy, even though he spells ‘favorite’ funny. I’ll contact each of you no later than Tuesday to set… Read More

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Ian Lurie20 Oct, 2009

Internet Marketing is like HiDef TV

This weekend, my wife and I bought a flat-screen, LCD TV set. Hard to believe, but Ian Lurie, ubergeek, has never owned a TV larger than 36″, and hasn’t bought a TV since 2002. We got it home, did all the hookup stuff. Turned on the TV. And our jaws dropped. It is impossible to… Read More

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Ian Lurie15 Oct, 2009

Action + perception = identity: Branding in Social Media

I’m on a panel in about 2 hours at REBlogworld. The panel I’m on will discuss the relationship between branding and social media. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersection of brands and social media. Here’s the thing: Your brand is not your logo. Your brand has always been: Action. The actions you… Read More


Ian Lurie14 Oct, 2009

Watch me hide behind a concrete post: My Wordcamp Seattle Presentation

The nice folks at recorded my presentation at WordCamp Seattle 2009. You can watch it right here: Or in larger size here. Note how I skillfully conceal myself behind a concrete post at least 3 times in the presentation. I thought that was pretty damned clever. PS: I’m in Las Vegas for Blogworld until… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Oct, 2009

3 Feedburner Engagement Stats You Must Follow

This post assumes you’re a Feedburner user. If you’re not, here’s the short version: Feedburner gives you a bunch of free tools to enhance your site’s RSS feed. You can read more and get set up (for free) here. Everyone brags about their Feedburner subscriber numbers. Too bad those don’t really tell you squat. The… Read More