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Ian Lurie9 Oct, 2009

SEO, Title Tags and Rankings: CM Site Review #5

This week’s site review is Solid site but it has the potential to grab a top 10 ranking for their best phrase with a few tweaks. And yes, that’s my head talking in the video. Let me know if it’s eerily horrifying, helpful or not worth the effort of actually combing my hair: Ian… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2009

Dork detection: 10 questions for ‘professional’ developers

I don’t have anything against developers. What drives me up a wall are people who think they’re developers because they can drag and drop controls in Visual Studio or Dreamweaver. If you’re not a geek yourself, though, it’s hard to figure out who’s full of knowledge and who’s full of crap. So here you go… Read More

twitter-down-again Random

Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2009

Yep, Twitter is Down

It’s not just you – as reported by The Guardian and a bunch of other publications, Twitter is having some kind of bizarre problem. Again. If I had $100 million in investment dollars, my web site would never ever go down. I’d put servers in orbit, for God’s sake. I’d pay someone $40k/year to stare… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2009

The 10Things Site Review, by Portent

We’re expensive, I know. A long-term engagement with a quality Internet marketing agency is pricey. So we’ve developed a 1-on-1 consulting package that lets you get started without breaking the bank, and without a long-term retainer contract. As part of the program, you get: A custom report listing 10 things you can do to improve… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2009

Get a $500 Website Review, Free

Update: Submissions are now closed. I’ll be announcing the winners on October 21st (or 22nd). Thanks everyone who submitted. I am, by the way, still accepting bribes. Something’s wrong with your web site. Let me restate that: Something’s wrong with your web site. There’s always room to improve your search rankings, copy, design, usability or… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2009

Update: Keyword Research Tools Showdown (Wordtracker)

I did Wordtracker a disservice in my keyword research tools showdown last week. I am a long, long-time fan of their toolset. So long, in fact, that I’d neglected to thoroughly examine the slick new interface they’ve got, as well as a couple of additional tools. I’m a little embarrassed, but I’ll get over it.… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie6 Oct, 2009

Why Gourmet Died: Publishers, pay attention

I don’t buy the whole “Gourmet was a luxury brand in a recession” economy argument. How’d they get through the 70s? The 80s? The early 90s? They’re dying, in part, because the publisher refused to accept the Internet as a business channel. Here’s a quote from CBC News: “The magazine industry in the U.S. has… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Oct, 2009

10 Comment Habits I Hate

I publish every reasonable (and some unreasonable) comments on my blog. My tolerance for dumbassery is pretty high: But some tooth-grinding commenting habits cause immediate deletion. If you: Grammar that know sense makes use. I like Yoda and all, but please at least proofread your comment? If I can’t make heads or tails of it,… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Oct, 2009

Conversation Marketing: Now On Kindle

My first Internet marketing book, Conversation Marketing, is now out on Kindle. It costs a whole $1.99 You COULD read it for free, but for $1.99, why not buy it? Then you can geek out about reading an Internet marketing book on your Kindle, instead of reading plain old HTML. How cool is that?

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Ian Lurie3 Oct, 2009

Keyword Research Tools Showdown

Disclaimer: Thar be affiliate links here. I have to support this blog somehow, so some of the links in here will earn me a buck or two, should you choose to sign up for the relevant service. But that in no way affected my review. K? At a recent event, someone asked me what the… Read More

ehub SEO

Ian Lurie2 Oct, 2009

SEO and Your Business Model: Site Review of

For this week’s site review, I took a look at My advice: Build a search-optimized home page. Focus on the business model. You’re offering coupons and discounts. Make sure folks can get access to them quickly and easily. Then use that to build a relationship and get visitors to purchase membership. SEO and Business… Read More

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Ian Lurie1 Oct, 2009

Fix canonicalization problems (part 3 of 3)

This is part 3 in a series about canonicalization issues. Part 1 defined canonicalization. Part 2 gave advice for tracking down canonical problems on your site. This article deals with fixing the problems you just found. Now that you’ve found your canonicalization problems, you need to fix them. I’ve got 5 solutions for ya: 1:… Read More

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Ian Lurie30 Sep, 2009

Detect canonicalization problems (part 2 of 3)

This is part 2 of a 3-part explanation of basic canonicalization in SEO. Part 1 defined canonicalization and provided examples of the SEO issues it can create. This post shows how to detect a problem. Part 3 will explain how to fix it. Detecting canonicalization issues is easier (thank God) than defining it. I usually… Read More

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Ian Lurie29 Sep, 2009

Canonicalization Defined (part 1 of 3)

This is part one of a 3-part series on canonicalization. Why 3 parts? Because it ended up being too dang long. Parts 2 and 3 will go live tomorrow and Thursday, respectively. It’s a long word, I know, but canonicalization (not to be confused with ‘canonization’) is at the heart of SEO. Get it right… Read More

Internet Marketing

Michael Wiegand28 Sep, 2009

Shout-Out: Hanapin Marketing’s $16,000 SEM Sweepstakes

Our good friends over at Hanapin Marketing – you know, the folks who run the PPC Hero blog – are running a pretty amazing SEM Sweepstakes right now. They have some great prizes available, including: (3) Paid Subscriptions to SEOMoz (1) 3-Month Subscription to ClickEquations (a neat bid management tool that we use at Portent)… Read More