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Ian Lurie14 Aug, 2009

6 Most-Abused Words at SES San Jose 2009

Just got back from SES San Jose. It was a great show in a lot of ways, but some folks were flinging words around like they actually knew what they meant (but didn’t). Rather than directly humiliate someone, I’ve compiled a list of terms, the most common abuses I heard, and any corrections needed. If… Read More

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Portent Staff14 Aug, 2009

230 Link Bait Ideas

Generating great link bait ideas is hard work. When link bait works it’s magical. Watching the page views, unique visitors and server load all go up at the same time is like watching the wheels spin on a slot machine right before it lands on 777. The difference is that a slot machine depends wholly… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Aug, 2009

Free e-book: Social Media Monitoring w/ Google Reader

I’ve been kind of a jerk lately, even by my standards. My guilt is your gain, though – I just finished writing an e-book, and I’m making it available free, no strings attached: The Fat-Free Guide to Conversation Monitoring shows you how to monitor what folks say about you in social media using Google Reader… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Aug, 2009

SEO is not a strategy

Today I ran an SEO copywriting clinic at SES San Jose. Lesson: We all need to remember that SEO is not a strategy. SEO is a tactic. It’s how you generate ‘foot traffic’ once you’ve created your product. Before you start an SEO campaign, you need to: Know what you’re selling. Know why it’s unique.… Read More

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Ian Lurie10 Aug, 2009

Performance-based Pricing for SEO won’t work

People love to come to me and say “I’ll pay you $X if you get me the #1 spot for ‘nude chicks’”. Yeah, great. I’ll jump right on that. You can’t price SEO, or any other internet marketing, or any other marketing, for that matter, based purely on performance. Oh, you can try. It sure… Read More


Ian Lurie9 Aug, 2009

22 Things You Don’t Know About Your Customers

There are things you don’t know about your customers. It’s not you, it’s them. But you need to figure it out. Here are some hard lessons I’ve learned over the years – they apply to usability, pet peeves and other fun stuff. Learn these and you’ll have more, happier customers/visitors/readers/fans: 1. Reading onscreen is hard,… Read More

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Portent Staff7 Aug, 2009

Interactive Marketing – Ever Changing & Often Unclear

Keeping up to date in interactive marketing is painstaking and frustrating. Yes, we are knowledgeable experts, but if you think we will have the answers at our fingertips every single time…you need to rethink your drink. Let’s take SEO as an example. Things Change This year Google announced that the nofollow attribute no longer reflects… Read More

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Ian Lurie6 Aug, 2009

Just stop. OK?

Everyone does lists of things you should do. In my continuing quest to turn all sanity on its head, here’s a random list of things that should be stopped: Stop using automated Twitter follow tools. They don’t make you an internet marketing genius. Dump the auto-blog content generator. You sound like a moron. Stop telling… Read More


Ian Lurie5 Aug, 2009

5 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Will Fail

Marketing plans are to 21st century marketing what the F-22 is to 21st century warfare: Cool and shiny-looking, but pricey and unhelpful. Your carefully-prepared 12-month marketing plan will fail. Here’s why: It assumes a static situation. You can’t create a marketing plan that looks 12 months out and accounts for even a fraction of the… Read More

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Portent Staff4 Aug, 2009

Write Compelling Messages – Think Greeting Cards

As Mad Men’s Don Draper so eloquently put it, to sell a product you have to first evoke an emotion. Get your audience to feel. Sex doesn’t sell; desire does. But how do you get your customers to feel desire when you can’t even see them?

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Ian Lurie4 Aug, 2009

Free Video Site Reviews: May require therapy

A long while ago, I did a series of free site reviews. I stopped, to be honest, for three reasons: I got sick of writing free site reviews. It wasn’t that much fun for me. I got spammed with thousands of sites that either made me retch or blush. In the end, I was left… Read More

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Ian Lurie2 Aug, 2009

Speaking at SES San Jose

I’ll be running the Curmudgeon’s Web Copywriting Site Clinic on Tuesday at SES San Jose. 10-11 AM. Bring your web site and I’ll put it up on the big screen, walk through tweaks and changes to copy, and hopefully teach a little at the same time. Here’s all the info: Tuesday, August 11th, 10:00am –… Read More


Ian Lurie2 Aug, 2009

Speaking at SES San Jose

I’ll be doing a site clinic at SES San Jose: 10-11AM on Tuesday, August 11th. Here’s the official spiel: The Curmudgeon’s Web Copywriting Clinic SEO, PPC, social media: You work hard to build traffic. But is your site’s copywriting driving away visitors? Get your site’s copy reviewed for: – Online readability – Call to action… Read More


Ian Lurie31 Jul, 2009

Google Safebrowsing Says One Malware Threat is… Google?!

Really, what else can I say?

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Portent Staff31 Jul, 2009

Is This How Vince’s Change Works?

Early this year Google made a change to their organic rankings algorithm. Named Vince’s Change, after the engineer who worked on it, the search marketing industry describes it as favoring brands. Here is what Google’s Matt Cutts had to say about Vince’s Change in March. A few things that Matt says about Vince’s change caught… Read More

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