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Ian Lurie8 Jul, 2009

Hopeton Hay Radio Interview

Elizabeth Marsten and I were interviewed by Hopeton Hay for his radio show, Economic Perspectives. You can download it and listen to it here: [ economic perspectives interview 6.29.09 ] The main topic: The book, Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. Two important notes: Elizabeth and I wrote five of the sections of the… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Jul, 2009

AUUUUGH: Social Media For Crisis Communications

I had a hard, hard lesson in crisis communications last week. Thursday evening our data center at Fisher Plaza went ‘kerploop’. That’s the short hand for “a perfect storm of stupid design, a fire and really bad luck took out all power to one of Seattle’s primary data centers, shutting down two TV stations, a… Read More

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Ian Lurie6 Jul, 2009

Free = Worthless: Information Can’t Be Free

Oh, the humanity. I owe Chris Anderson an apology for this one. After rereading it this morning, I was horrified. Did I really write this? Don’t get me wrong: I do NOT think ‘free’ is a good idea. Nor do I think ‘information wants to be free’ will win out over ‘information wants to be… Read More

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Ian Lurie4 Jul, 2009

Fisher Plaza: Service Restored, Portent Response

If you host a web site with Portent, you’ve been kept apprised of the situation that started Thursday night at 11 PM. At this point, all sites are back ‘live’. The Fisher Plaza East data center is running on temporary power from Caterpillar generators that the City of Seattle set up outside. Here’s a quick… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie2 Jul, 2009

Internet Marketing Puppy Syndrome

Some friends of ours got a puppy. Her name’s Gracie. She is adorable. Excruciatingly cute and soulful in a head tilting kind of way. Gracie is awesome. But she’s a lot of work. Think about that when you decide to launch that blog, or create a newsletter, or set up a Twitter account. You know… Read More

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Ian Lurie25 Jun, 2009

Get Free Marketing Advice (With a Catch)

I’m launching a new service called 1Thing. The idea: Provide internet marketing advice, in small bites, at a low price. I’ve designed a landing page, created the templates, etc.. And I hate it. The landing page is nasty. Horrible. It makes me cry. I’ve gotten fantastic advice from other marketers. And I’ve used quite a… Read More


Ian Lurie25 Jun, 2009

Google Crawling the Wrong Javascript

I’m throwing this story out there to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Google’s made a lot of noise recently about their newfound ability to crawl javascript and links that are built into a javascript. Last week I saw a 500% increase in ‘page not found’ errors in one client’s Google Webmaster… Read More


Ian Lurie24 Jun, 2009

Speaking at OMS on July 1st

I’m going to be on a panel at the Seattle Online Marketing Summit (OMS) next week, July 1st. The session is at 3:30 PM, and is titled “Integrating Email, Search, Social into the Entire Online Marketing Channel”. Never mind me, though. Other folks on the panel include Anne kennedy of Beyond Ink and, Blake… Read More


Ian Lurie22 Jun, 2009

Should I use Pagerank as a metric?



Ian Lurie18 Jun, 2009

9 Things I’m Not Allowed to Say

I don’t know. I can’t measure that. I’ve blogged angry (duh). I buy links. NO, NO I DON’T! I DON’T! I’ve used nofollow. I use tables when I can’t get divs to work. I’ve used Web 2.0 button generators. I tried to make money selling Acai Supplements. After feeling dirty, I gave up. I can’t… Read More

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Portent Staff18 Jun, 2009

AdWords Bid Simulator Update

As we all already know Google AdWords has beta testing the AdWords Bid Simulator feature since late May/early June. So what’s new since then? I’ll show you: Previous screenshots of the new feature have not included this Cost versus Clicks graph, which gives you a nice visual on how your estimated stats will look like… Read More


Ian Lurie17 Jun, 2009

Aggregation Aggravation, Part 5: What’s next?

This is (thank heavens) the last in a 5-article series about search engines’ transition from indexes to aggregators. If you want to start at the beginning, go to part 1. So far we’ve established that: Search engines used to be indexes, where you go search, then toddle off to the site you want. Now, they’re… Read More

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Ian Lurie16 Jun, 2009

Internet Marketing Stream of Consciousness

Yawn stretch OK I’m up. mmmm mini wheats. No guinea pigs I will not give you mini wheats the last time I did that you ran around your cage so fast I couldn’t see you. Drive drive HOONK WATCH OUT YOU LOSER. Hrm what’s our alarm code again? Oh yeah. Phew. Ah crap forgot the… Read More

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Ian Lurie15 Jun, 2009

If you’re going to run a spam blog…

…at least make sure your error messages don’t scream ‘cloaking’ to the world:  


Ian Lurie12 Jun, 2009

Aggregation Aggravation, Part 4: Opting Out Of Bing Document Preview

This is part 4 of my series on the new world of search, and how search engines are becoming aggregators rather than indexes. Check the links at the bottom of the page for previous posts. This post is blessedly short, after my last 3 epistles. Let’s say you don’t want that page preview (called a… Read More

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