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Ian Lurie16 Aug, 2010

It’s plagiarism day! Part 2: An agency steals everything

Per my post of a few minutes ago, I can laugh at simple-minded content thieves. But, as I’ve said in the past, so-called ‘professional marketers’ who steal other agencies’ sites and copy need to go to a special circle of Hell. Today, I bring you Caerus Digital, an agency apparently located in New Jersey, not… Read More

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Ian Lurie16 Aug, 2010

It’s plagiarism day!

I love people who steal my stuff. Sometimes, I can’t think of any clever blogging ideas. So I go to Google, do a quick search and wham, some idiot not only stole my article but also hotlinked directly to my images. So, I use my handy anti-plagiarism 3-step process and replace an image or two,… Read More


Ian Lurie13 Aug, 2010

Writing a Python site map generator: Part 1

This is part 1 in a short series about my attempt to learn a new programming language. 'Cause, you know, it's what nerds do. The journey begins: My site map generator I wanted to build a decent site map generator. To me, 'decent' means: It can crawl and parse pages, grabbing links, without generating an… Read More

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Portent Staff12 Aug, 2010

Transferring Google Base and Google Webmaster Tools

In AdWords the ability to utilize the product ads option of linking a client’s Google Merchant (otherwise known as Base) account to their AdWords is a oft-used and loved feature by Portent. Google Merchant Center is free and of course, anything you can do in AdWords to stand out on a SERP is a plus-… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Aug, 2010

Rel = canonical: Refuge for the weak-minded? You make the call

My column this month is titled “Why I still Hate rel=canonical“. It’s because, see, I used to hate it. And I still do. Because it’s stupid. Don’t flame me here, though. You can go ahead and do it right on Search Engine Land, and get lots more support: Why I still Hate rel=canonical

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Ian Lurie12 Aug, 2010

New Fat Free Guide section: Advanced Link Building

Just published 6 new modules on The Fat Free Guide’s SEO training section. Collectively, they cover Advanced Link Building. If you’re already a subscriber, thanks! Go check out the new stuff and let me know what questions you have. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up for $7/month. But I’m nearly done… Read More

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Ian Lurie10 Aug, 2010

10 more ideas for blog posts

I spend a lot of time worrying about writer’s block, and an equal amount of time coming up with ideas for blog posts and articles. Here are 10 more I’ve used a few times: Write about the latest silly thing a celebrity did. If Mel Gibson just stuck his foot in his mouth again, write… Read More

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Ian Lurie9 Aug, 2010

Monday laziness: What’s old is new again

I swear my 11-hour work day just went by in 2 hours. I got here at 6:30 AM. It’s now 4:40 PM, and I haven’t gotten to my day’s todo list yet. Argh. In the interest of my sanity, here’s a list of my favorite Conversation Marketing article series – multiple-post articles that delve deep… Read More

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Ian Lurie6 Aug, 2010

Pull, by Keith Chambers: Don’t judge a book by its cover

I’m always reading one marketing book or another. My typical M.O. is to read it a chapter at a time, switching to my favorite fiction/science fiction for a break in between. That’s because most marketing books have the personality of a Michael Bay Transformers remake. Right now that marketing book is Pull: Marketing Secrets the… Read More

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Portent Staff5 Aug, 2010

MSN AdCenter Secrets- While They Last!

Before the merge happens completely, it occurred to me that I should be sharing the tips and tricks that I had in my SMX Advanced presentation in June of this year. So you can either check out the full presentation for Test that Ad! below or just keep on reading for some great tidbits of… Read More

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Ian Lurie4 Aug, 2010

10 statements that make my head explode, and what they really mean

Every now and then, someone says something that passes cringe-worthy and goes straight to neural overload. At those times, I get a temporary case of Exploding Head Syndrome (it’s real). I’ll skip the political stuff like “Global warming isn’t real” and “Get your government hands off my Medicare” and stick to internet marketing: Quote 1:… Read More

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Ian Lurie2 Aug, 2010

11 steps to marketing nirvana

In the event of my horrible messy stinky death, please read this: Today, I may get flushed down a toilet, then plunge 30,000 feet to my death. I’m not crazy, I tell you. See, I suspect that the Brotherhood of Magical Tea Party Activists is after me. I know they’re annoyed that I’ve actually read… Read More

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Ian Lurie30 Jul, 2010

Link bait: Half luck, half skill, half something else

Everyone thinks they have a great recipe for link bait. Make a list. Include pictures. Freak people out. Post it right at this specific time of day (different for every ‘expert’). Spam Digg. No, wait, spam Twitter! Ooops, try Stumbleupon! Or, my favorite, “Write really good stuff”. When you see hordes of experts all recommending… Read More

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Ian Lurie29 Jul, 2010

24 tips for web developers

I’ve neglected the development folks lately. Which is ironic, since I’ve spent the last six weeks buried in reverse proxies via nginx, Nutch and writing web spiders in Python. To make up for it, here’s a list of random learnings I’ve had when I put on my development hat: Learn the business case. Make sure… Read More


Ian Lurie26 Jul, 2010

SEO and Social Media: Huzzah Seminar Video

I taught part of another Huzzah! training today. The topic: SEO and social media. I talked about how to build a real, natural audience in social media, and take advantage of that in your link building and content efforts. I recorded the whole thing. Huge sound problems again – I’m cursed, apparently, at Wappow’s offices.… Read More

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