Augustin Kendall

Augustin Kendall

Augustin is an editor and content strategist who has specialized in digital marketing since 2009. Throughout his freelance and agency career, Augustin has worked with large and small companies to help them tell the stories that matter most to their audiences.

Articles by Augustin Kendall

Content-first SEO is about creating substance before visibility to win customers the right way

Augustin Kendall //  11 Sep, 2017

Content-First SEO

I’ve been finding myself saying, “You don’t rank for keywords, you rank for content,” a lot lately. Imagine this. You’re trying to turn a quaint town on the shore (East or West—pick your coast of choice) into a vacation destination. You’ve developed a brand for the location that you’re promoting in all the right travel… Read More

Edited honeycomb highlights the user experience of content--useful, usable, findable, and credible.

Augustin Kendall //  20 Jul, 2017

What Is the User Experience of Content?

When people hear the words User Experience (UX), they usually think of visual design, front-end programming, or interface design. The User Experience Professionals Association defines UX as every aspect of a user’s interaction with a product, service, or company that make up the user’s perceptions of the whole. What some people forget is that the… Read More

Are headline analyzers worth your time

Augustin Kendall //  25 May, 2017

Are Headline Analyzers Worth Your Time?

There’s a trend in the content world of using tools to help improve the value and quality of content (see Hemingway editor, Readability Test Tool, and Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator). One category of tools is headline analyzers. They’re simple: put in your title, get a score, and tweak to improve the score. I use them… Read More

Get the right help with content - Portent

Augustin Kendall //  22 Nov, 2016

How Do I Get the Right Help with Content? [Infographic]

Connected content is a network of content pieces built around one theme or topic. The kernel of this concept is writing an article and promoting it on social, but connected content goes beyond that. Types of content might include infographics, landing pages, articles, blog posts, social posts, ebooks, and so on. The purpose of connected… Read More