Alex DeLeon

Alex DeLeon

A graduate of the University of Washington, Alex leads the Social team at Portent. He spent the first five years of his career in public relations and communications including 2 leading PR agencies, and as an independent communications consultant. Alex has managed both PR and paid social campaigns in technology, sports entertainment, health tech, eCommerce, non-profit education, and the video game industry. He maintains an unhealthy obsession with the NBA in his free time, and enjoys showing off his poor man's impression of the Dream Shake while posting up on the low block at local pick up games.

Articles by Alex DeLeon

Alex DeLeon //  26 Apr, 2017

Should I Be Running Ads on Twitter?

To say Twitter is in a rut may be the social media understatement of 2017. The company struggles to make money, despite having 320 million actively engaged users. Stock is down 16% in Q1 2017. Executives, who appear to see the writing on the wall, are leaving millions of dollars of stock on the table to abandon… Read More

Marketers Guide Dark Social - Portent

Alex DeLeon //  15 Nov, 2016

Dark Social – The Marketer’s Guide

What is “dark social”? You’ve probably heard the term floated around your office in recent months. Maybe you’re deeply entrenched in influencer marketing and your team read about Adidas’ latest social media campaign that saw amazing returns through dark social outreach. More likely, your CMO pulled you aside and asked you to start integrating dark… Read More

sad sack at a computer

Alex DeLeon //  8 Apr, 2016

How to Win Facebook Friends and Influence People (with Ads)

How many times a week do you get hit by ads on Facebook that mean absolutely nothing to you? 10? 20? Broad ad targeting on the internet is nothing new, but something about that approach just feels off on an otherwise highly curated platform like Facebook. The obvious issue at play here is that, with over $17 billion… Read More

YouTube Best Practices - 5 Things You Can Do Today

Alex DeLeon //  3 Nov, 2015

YouTube Best Practices – Five Things You Can Do Today

You see millions of viewers on YouTube. You want a piece of the action. So you borrow a video camera, snag a GoPro from home, or just use an iPhone to get what you need. You record, upload the video and wait for the fans to pour in. Sometimes it works. Usually… not so much.… Read More

Alex DeLeon //  22 May, 2015

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

During the onboarding process for new clients at Portent, the Social Team is frequently asked if there exists a more buttoned up approach to managing employee access to a company-owned Facebook page. Social media as its own business practice has become increasingly commonplace within organizations, and most teams are rightfully hesitant to provide administrative access to company pages through an employee’s… Read More

Alex DeLeon //  13 Jan, 2015

Shockwaves in Seattle: KamQuake and the Twitter Correlation

When you hear people talking about “seismic activity” on the West Coast, what immediately jumps to mind? Los Angeles, rumbling as the San Andreas Fault shifts? John Cusack in 2012, fleeing the mighty wrath of the Pacific Ocean as it gleefully swallows California into its watery maw?* Here in the Pacific Northwest,  mentioning “seismic activity” brings back memories of… Read More