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Blake Scott

Blake Scott

Blake combines a Master of Architecture, an MBA with a focus in Sustainable Business Practices, and a BA in Computer Science to explore the intersection of design and development in both the digital and physical realms.

Articles by Blake Scott Adaptive Reuse: Home

Blake Scott //  12 Apr, 2016

Introducing Adaptive Reuse for Experience Design & Development

Does the word “redesign” terrify you? How about “adaptive reuse”? You don’t always need the all-in investment of a total redesign and rebuild. Blake Scott explains “adaptive reuse” in the context of digital experiences, and how we used an adaptive reuse strategy to reinvent our very own site,

The Bay Lights Art Installation by Leo Villareal

Blake Scott //  20 Feb, 2014

What Does a Degree in Architecture Have to Do with Web Design & Development?

Information Space has a conceptual mirror... Physical Space Having recently worked my butt off to earn a Master of Architecture, I often come across those who are curious about my decision to channel my design education into the wonderful world of the interwebs. Basically, I'm regularly asked what capital-A Architecture actually is– as in, physical… Read More