Caleb Cosper

Caleb Cosper

Caleb is an SEO Strategist working for Portent, Inc. in Seattle, WA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) and has turned his passion for all things data-driven and scientific into passion for SEO. Outside of Portent, his life consists of games (video and board), food (at-home and in-restaurant), and craft beer (any and all).

Articles by Caleb Cosper

Caleb Cosper //  20 Sep, 2018

Confluence 2018 – Slides and Resources to Create Content Hubs

Today I gave a talk at Confluence Conference called “Reinventing the Wheel: The Hub and Spoke Content Strategy”. This post contains a link to the companion article, the presentation slides, and links to some of the tools and resources I recommended while waving my hands on stage. The Content Hub Strategy Companion Post Content Hubs… Read More

Content hubs are a highly effective SEO strategy - image of several hub and spoke wheels

Caleb Cosper //  20 Sep, 2018

Content Hub Strategy for SEO

I was recently fortunate enough to get accepted to speak at Confluence Conference in my old stomping grounds of Oklahoma City. I’ll be making my marketing conference debut on the 20th with a talk about content hubs, which is an extremely powerful tool for both SEO and effective content. This post is meant to both… Read More

What you need to know about Google's mobile-first index rollout

Caleb Cosper //  3 Apr, 2018

What you Need to Know about Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Rollout

Anyone reading this has probably already heard the news: Google announced last week that they’re “migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing.” Anyone who keeps abreast of SEO news (or works with clients who do) has probably received an email since that announcement wondering nervously what this means for their site. Worry… Read More

Signpost with blank arrows on blue sky background

Caleb Cosper //  20 Mar, 2018

How to Structure Your Site’s Navigation for SEO and UX

It struck me recently that while we <em>frequently</em> advise our clients and partners on the SEO potential held in their site’s global navigation, how to structure site nav for SEO and UX benefit is something a lot of marketers don’t immediately consider. And that’s a problem. My hope after you read this post is that… Read More