Cate McGehee

Cate McGehee

Cate worked in publishing and book publicity before moving to agency marketing. Since then, she's done media planning for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at a leading ad agency in Washington, D.C., led hundreds of content campaigns for an SMB digital marketing agency in Seattle, and worked on the content strategy and execution of in-house enterprise teams. She's a graduate of the Human Centered Design and Engineering certificate program at the University of Washington, and loves finding the intersections of content marketing and user experience here at Portent. In her free time, she's a freelance arts and culture writer with the Seattle Weekly as well as other publications locally and nationally.

Articles by Cate McGehee

NLP impact on content writing and digital marketing

Cate McGehee //  19 Apr, 2018

What Does Natural Language Processing Mean for Writers, Content, and Digital Marketing?

Terrible Movie Pitch: The battle for the voice of the internet has begun. In one corner, we have computer programs fortified by algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and other sexy STEM buzzwords. In the other corner, we have millions of copywriters armed with the only marketable skill a liberal arts education can provide: communication.… Read More

A list of sanity-saving tips for Google Optimize if you're not a developer

Cate McGehee //  13 Oct, 2017

13 Tips for Using Google Optimize if You’re Not a Developer

If you want a play-by-play guide on how to use Google Optimize, Google has a whole help center for that. But if you’ve been using Google Optimize for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of lessons that fall outside the purview of that help center. And you have to learn… Read More

The best and most useful thing I've ever learned about ideation and brainstorming - Portent

Cate McGehee //  30 Aug, 2017

The Single Best Thing I’ve Ever Heard About Ideation and Brainstorming

Something my grad school professor said changed the way I’ve thought about brainstorming forever. Now it’s the best thing I can tell anyone else. There are dozens of ways you can get a room going and pan the gold from a group’s brainstorm. There are hundreds of blog posts out there that list techniques for… Read More

Do you know your true content competitors?

Cate McGehee //  1 Aug, 2017

Forget keyword rankings, focus on users: What dating apps and dancing contests teach us about competition

The only companies that don’t have any competition are the ones selling something nobody wants. If you have a viable product or service, it’s just a matter of time before someone else starts offering it. And if you think it’s going to come down to whose product or service is better, think again. Core products… Read More

Content KPIs and a chart showing how to choose them

Cate McGehee //  25 Jul, 2017

Your Guide to Choosing Content KPIs

If your content team ever tells you that the impact of their work isn’t measurable, fire them. (And if you’ve ever told anyone that, read this blog before your client or boss does.) Content KPIs and creating a system of both accountability and continuous improvement are a core part of content strategy. Sure, content marketing… Read More

Cate McGehee //  1 Jan, 2017

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