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George Freitag

George Freitag

Portent Alum George is a former member and lead of Portent's SEO team. George is now in residence at Moz as an expert on local SEO, and is proficient in technical SEO, analytics, and video SEO.

Articles by George Freitag

George Freitag //  18 Sep, 2012

Get All Your Questions about Local SEO Answered!

Last week we announced our new referral program for our PPC Essentials Package. There was a blog post about it. The world changed. We decided we really liked that feeling and wanted to hold onto it a little longer. So this week we’re announcing a special for our recently revamped and reworked Local SEO Package. For… Read More

George Freitag //  30 May, 2012

Goodbye Google Places, Hello Google+ Local

Business owners got a treat this morning as Google rolled out yet another update to its local platform, this time, ditching Google Places and replacing it with Google+ Local. This move completely integrates Google’s local listings with the current Google+ social network. Coincidentally, and equally newsworthy, Portent just happens to be moving to our new… Read More