Julie Goodman

Julie Goodman

Julie is a proud Portent alum and has 9 years of experience in organic search, growth acquisition, and digital product management. She has spent most of her career in-house with start-ups as well as established publicly traded companies. She is dedicated to helping businesses make strategic decisions aimed at growth and optimizing conversions, using insights from data, analytics, technical audits and search best practices. Simply put, she loves building websites that make both users and search engines happy.

Articles by Julie Goodman

SEO Guidance on Choosing a Domain Name - Name Badge

Julie Goodman //  11 Jun, 2018

How To Choose a Domain Name – An SEO’s Guide

Deciding to purchase a new domain and choosing a domain name are often decisions that are made by a wide range of stakeholders within a business. Like a first-time home buyer, clients who are faced with the decision to purchase a new domain ask us a myriad of questions: Are domain names a ranking factor?… Read More

Implement hreflang tags correctly picture of many languages saying welcome

Julie Goodman //  20 Feb, 2018

How to Implement Hreflang & Canonical Tags Correctly

On the surface, both the hreflang tag and canonical tag do similar things – tell search engines which version of a page they are supposed to index and deliver to particular searchers. However, these tags do not have the same function. They are not the same thing. As digital marketers, we keep abreast of the… Read More

SEO Lessons from industry experts Eric Wu and Julie Goodman

Julie Goodman //  10 May, 2017

Wisdom from the Trenches: An Interview with BloomNation’s Eric Wu on SEO, Product, and Marketing

This is cheesy but true. It takes a village of phenomenal people to “raise” and train good digital and search marketers. As SEOs, Product Managers, and Social Media strategists, our work is not created alone in a vacuum. We don’t simply apply a static set of best practices and hope for the best. We need… Read More

Changing Domains What Would an SEO Do - Portent

Julie Goodman //  15 Feb, 2017

Changing Domains? What Would an SEO Do?

Out of the gate, an SEO will try to convince you not to change domains unless it is absolutely necessary. Changing domains can potentially have a negative impact on organic search rankings for a site. Major search engine ranking algorithms (i.e. Google and Bing) factor in signals from both the domain and page levels. Even… Read More