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Jason Olson

Jason Olson

Jason Olson is Portent's Operations Director. Jason brings over 13 years of project, account and business management experience to the team. His focus is to ensure that the company continues to run in the most effective manner possible. He also seeks to ensure that all employees have the support they need to be succesful in their role. Jason believes that leadership, integrity and excellence should be exhibited by all employees in everything they do at Portent.

Articles by Jason Olson

Jason Olson //  24 Jul, 2014

Lead by Example: 10 Ways to Be a Successful Team Leader

Over the years that I have worked in the project management field, I’ve taken a number of courses, read a number of books, and have seen and utilized a number of tools that have all promised success in leading teams and managing successful projects. And as helpful as they were, I found that the greatest… Read More