Matthew Taufa'asau

Matthew Taufa'asau

Matthew is a Client Partner at Portent who has more than seven years of account management experience. A native of Hawaii, he survives cold Seattle winters with karaoke, outrigger canoe paddling, spam musubi and cheesy sci-fi shows.

Articles by Matthew Taufa'asau

Desktop call-tracking through services like CallRail allow marketers to close the insight gap on campaigns - Image of a subway mind the gap sign

Matthew Taufa'asau //  13 Sep, 2018

Tools for the Discerning Marketer: CallRail & Desktop Call-Tracking

Hello fine friend. I can tell from the cut of your jib that you are a digital marketer to be reckoned with. In fact, I’m sure you already know what I’m about to tell you but it bears repeating: Start tracking your phone calls. No, not in the creepy, NSA, guy-hiding-in-the-bushes way. In the “I… Read More

Darth Vader finds your lack of an email campaign disturbing

Matthew Taufa'asau //  3 Jul, 2018

I Find Your Lack of an Email Nurture Campaign … Disturbing

If you’re a marketer reading this and you haven’t already created an email nurturing campaign that gets beyond simply sharing your latest content, ask yourself “why not?” And no, having a single transactional email triggered when someone submits a contact form still doesn’t count. Cleverly worded though it might be. According to the Annuitas Group,… Read More

How to be a marketing leader when you're not in charge of the team

Matthew Taufa'asau //  8 Nov, 2017

How to Lead in Marketing When You’re Not the Captain of the Boat

At Portent, we often get asked to advise on the ideal marketing team structure. The answer is almost always ‘it depends.’ Today though, we’re talking about something almost universally true for the mindset of successful marketing teams. Whether you see one person in each role here, or ten, this approach will make any team work… Read More