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Sara Lingafelter

Sara Lingafelter

Articles by Sara Lingafelter

August 23rd wasn't a happy day in Facebook-land.

Sara Lingafelter //  25 Sep, 2013

Funky Facebook Insights: Facebook Suspicious Account Removals

Hi. My name is Sara, and I’m a Facebook Insights junkie. I was getting my latest fix yesterday, while trying to figure out an explanation for a client’s relatively high rate of Facebook page unlikes that we detected in August. Yes, we use tools for this stuff; but we also still dive deep into the… Read More


Sara Lingafelter //  19 Sep, 2013

Are Social Fails Good Business?

I seem to be unflinchingly attracted to disciplines where you rarely see a front-page story about a just-plain-good day. I grew up in the equestrian world, a sport where the only television footage you see from the Olympics is of horses tumbling over jumps and riders falling all asunder.  I’ve also been shaped by my… Read More