Shannon Walsh

Shannon Walsh

Shannon is a proud alum of the Portent SEO team.

Articles by Shannon Walsh

SEO for Small Business

Shannon Walsh //  12 Apr, 2018

SEO for Small Business – The Topics, Tactics & Tools

So you’ve decided to play the long-game that is SEO. Fantastic! Depending on your familiarity with search engines, perhaps you’ve told your team or your boss “we’ll work to show up in the number one spot for the one thing that everyone searches in our industry.” [Long, long pause.] It’s a tantalizing thought. But let’s… Read More

SEO Best Practices for Events - Portent

Shannon Walsh //  5 Sep, 2017

6 SEO Best Practices for Events

There are so many moving parts when running an event large or small that it’s easy to let online optimization be an afterthought. Sidelining SEO, however, means missing out on a lot of organic visitors and awareness. A solid organic presence makes a huge difference in attracting more attendees’ year after year. Here are five… Read More

5 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Fix

Shannon Walsh //  23 Mar, 2017

5 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Before Your Next Audit

Want to get more for your money on your next SEO audit or site review? After two years of reviewing sites offering everything from dog food to process automation, (I still have no idea what that is either), I decided to put together this half-blog-post-half-PSA covering a few of the most common SEO mistakes or… Read More

SEO and UX Lessons from Home Improvement Purgatory - Portent

Shannon Walsh //  19 Jan, 2017

SEO and UX Lessons from Home Improvement Purgatory

Warning: some humble-brag follows, but I promise it’s in the spirit of sharing marketing and SEO lessons. My new apartment is perfect. Walking distance from the Space Needle and huge windows the full length of our living room. It doesn’t get much better than that in Seattle for less than my entire monthly paycheck. But… Read More

Keyword Research and You - Portent

Shannon Walsh //  26 Jul, 2016

Keyword Research and You

Whether you’re thinking about starting a company, revamping your current business, adding a new product line, or just making sure your current SEO approach is on the right track, keyword research is a fundamental part of the process. The reason keyword research is so indispensable is that it’s one of the easiest ways to get… Read More