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Tom Schmitz //  20 May, 2008

Competitive Rubber Chicken Research for Search Engine Optimization

Know Your Search Engine Optimization Competition When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, your competitors may not be whom you think. One of the first things I ask for from new SEO clients is a list of competitors. This usually arrives from their marketing office and includes other companies that provide the same product or… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  16 May, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Pre-flight – Analytics

This article is part of a continuing series, From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization – To You. An easy to understand explanation of SEO. The SEO Preflight Before diving into a new SEO project I want to understand what challenges the web site faces and, of course, the opportunities. Call it my SEO Pre-flight for… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  15 May, 2008

From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization Explained

From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization – To You All SEO professionals face a difficult task when explaining their work in ways that are : Understandable Meaningful Actionable I enjoy talking about Search Engine Optimization at Seattle area events and discussing SEO in everyday terms with our clients from around the USA—it’s a highlight of… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  29 Apr, 2008

Twitter Secrets Revealed

Twitter is a Popular Group Chat Client When Twitter came on the scene 2006 I was an early adopter. Chatting IRC style with the addition of subscribers and an archive was most compelling to me. I was quick to abandon it too. Back then you may as well have shouted, "Hello!," into a desert canyon,… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  24 Apr, 2008

Three Audiences Every Website Should Cultivate

Lists and grouping are terrific ways to simplify or remember complex stuff. So today I am sharing how I categorize audience development for Internet websites. Before I start, however, I want to emphasize a point. Management guru Peter Drucker declared, “The purpose of business is to create a customer.” Success in business depends on creating… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  11 Apr, 2008

Search Engine Marketing Does Not Affect Your Business Model

The title of this post is Search Engine Marketing Does Not Affect Your Business Model. If I went into a search marketing conference and proclaimed that Search Engine Marketing Does Not Affect Your Business Model I imagine that the conference organizers, the speakers and quite a few attendees would want to tar and feather me… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  26 Mar, 2008

B2B Marketing | Expanding Your Web site Content

  If your business to business web site is like most companies’ its focused is on: Generating leads Trying to get as much information into as small a space as possible. Too bad. Compacting your Internet marketing strategy and your online content are huge errors. The desire is understandable. Time is precious. People are busy.… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  18 Mar, 2008

B2B Marketing: Is It Time to Expand Your B2B Internet Marketing Strategy?

What is your B2B Internet marketing strategy? For most companies the answer is a website with: Descriptions of products or services, contact forms and perhaps a shopping cart Additional sales information in the form of case studies, industry lists or another organizational breakdown. A description of the company, press releases and job announcements. This strategy… Read More

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