ClickTale: Attention Analytics, Finally!

Ian Lurie May 1 2007

ClickTale has just launched the beta version of their analytics tool, and I got a peek. In short, it’s a winner.

Imagine watching how someone actually scrolls through a page on your site. Then imagine seeing exactly what gets the most attention, and where your users give up or convert. That’s ClickTale.

ClickTale records user sessions, then lets you play them back, thereby showing you exactly how someone moved through your site:

ClickTale Screenshot

Even better, they provide advanced heat maps that show you how much attention individual page areas received:

ClickTale Heatmap

Recording clicks is important. Recording attention is better: Warmer colors mean my visitors spent more time looking at that part of the page. Cooler colors mean they spent less. I don’t have to wait for clicks to know what’s going on with my audience.

Finally, ClickTale records visitor behavior during day-to-day use of the site, rather than during focus group sessions. That makes for a far more accurate measure of audience likes and dislikes.

That makes this an invaluable tool when you observe and adjust.

ClickTale is still in beta, and it has some rough edges, but when it’s available to the public, you’ll want to use it.

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