Even More Cookie Hysteria

Ian Lurie Dec 30 2005

cookies copyABC news has a story up about the White House web site. Apparently, they use WebTrends to measure site traffic, and were horrified to find out that WebTrends uses cookies:

OK, people, let’s set some priorities, shall we? We face terrorism, domestic spying by the NSA, natural disasters and the like, and we’re writing news stories about the use of anonymous cookies?

Tracking cookies are totally harmless. They’re far less intrusive than, say, those grocery store membership cards we all use – those cards let the stores track our every purchase, and match it up with our identities. A cookie, on the other hand, just tracks what you click, doesn’t tie any behavior to your individual identity, and can be deleted any time.

Please, folks, learn before you judge….

tags : conversation marketing