Find the pages search engines can’t with Google Analytics

Ian Lurie Jan 13 2010

I just published a new post up on SEOMOZ’s YouMOZ.
It’s worth a read if you’re looking for a way to find pages on your site that have not received any clicks from organic search.
Find Invisible Pages Using Google Analytics

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  1. Steve


    Hi Ian, thanks for all your great articles. So on my site I have a news section/feed. When I ran this report the least organic pageviews for a lot of my more recent posts were coming up zero. Browsers were seeing the pages via social media. My question to you is this. I have WordPress and All in one SEO and the Google XML sitemap plugins functioning, how do I make sure my pages are getting into Google and indexed? We have our current site the way it is since November 2009, but I do have more than 200 posts. I check frequently with Webmaster tools in Google to make sure my urls are getting included and Google says they are. Does that mean I just suck? haha

  2. Ian


    @Steve this sounds more like a relevance problem than an indexing problem. If GWT is showing the pages, then you’re just not showing up for the terms you want. Any examples you can give me?

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