Google Analytics Adds Weekly, Monthly Graphing

Ian Lurie Apr 3 2008

Cool new feature I just spotted in Google Analytics. The ability to graph data by week or month:

google analytics weekly

You can even graph revenue by hour:

google analytics by hour

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting something like this for quite a while. No more migraines from grouping data…

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  1. Great to see Google stepping up the bar on analytics. I hope more will follow the lead.

  2. Is that a million dollars in revenue within a single Day?

  3. You know, I just finished perfecting my technique of rigging cool charts from this data in Excel and Analytics just has to go making things easy for me.
    Damn (thank?) you, Google!

  4. Ian


    @Ayush I wish. It’s showing hourly revenue for an entire month worth of days.

  5. Ian


    @Michael Stupid innovators :)

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