Google Analytics on the fritz

Ian Lurie Mar 24 2010

It’s not just you. Google Analytics is timing out, running slowly and generally being a nightmare this morning. There are widespread reports from Europe to the US that Google Analytics’ reporting interface is loading slowly. I haven’t even been able to load a report.
Just making sure you know you’re not going crazy.
It doesn’t appear to be affecting load times for the ga.js script, and some folks report it’s loading just fine, which makes me think it’s got something to do with their content distribution network. Further bulletins as events warrant.
Update: 9:25 AM – Seems to be back, running at a decent clip.

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  1. Jason


    One workaround was to go to an internal link instead of their main landing page.
    That worked during the outage fiasco.
    In time-sensitive situations like this, I turn to I quickly found the answer by searching for ‘google analytics down’.
    Just an FYI for if it ever happens again.

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