Google Analytics Tutorial: Install (updated)

Ian Lurie Jan 20 2012

Google Analytics tutorial

I noticed that my original Google Analytics video tutorial is a wee bit out of date. Like, 4 years out of date. So, here’s a new basic install video:

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  1. Thanks Ian
    I’m going to direct my clients to this video so that I don’t always have to visit them to explain the analytics set up. This will help me stay remote more often!

  2. By the way, you should put redirect or something from your old feed to new feed (I believe links changed after redesign).

  3. I got a verification code yesterday after activating the plugin in WP.Being new at this I didn’t know how to get access to the header to paste it in. It timed out, and now has me errored out of the subdomain I was trying to install it in.How can I obtain a UID code to supply my web host support team?

    • Hi Jack,

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘errored out of the subdomain’. You should be able to log back into Google Analytics, and into WordPress. Then you can cut and paste the UID code from Google Analytics into WordPress. You shouldn’t even need your web support team.

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