Google Analytics Tutorial Redux: Installation (with commentary)

Ian Lurie Feb 26 2010

This video is now out of date. See the latest GA install tutorial here.

the fat free guide to Google Analytics

Soooooo, I started this tutorial with every intention of being serious. But it’s been a long week, I was up at 4:30 AM and I had Evan in the tutorial. Things went downhill fast.
Regardless, it still shows you how to install Google Analytics on a regular web site and on WordPress:

A brief lesson on installing Google Analytics on your web site. Plus color commentary. It’s fun, we promise.


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  1. Jason


    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to say this is a great video for those who are starting out with GA. I was searching for a good video to send to a friend, and after reviewing a few of them, I’d have to say yours is pretty much the easiest for newbies.

  2. Ian


    @Jason Thank you. It’s good to hear this stuff is helping.

  3. AJ


    Great Video! Ian you’re a great speaker. If this is NOT how you speak normally I suggest you make all your videos at 4:30 AM …haha :)

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