Google Analytics Tutorial: Referrer Analytics

Ian Lurie Mar 12 2009

I just completed what I hope will be the first of many 5-minute video tutorials.
This one is about Referrer Analytics using Google Analytics. It replaces an older tutorial that used the old Google Analytics interface. In it, I describe how to figure out:

  • Who’s sending traffic to your site.
  • Specific pages on other sites that are sending that traffic.
  • What’s happening when folks get to your site.
  • A few things you can do with this data.

What do you think of the length/format/style? Is this helpful? I can do a lot more of these a month than those honking huge 20 minute ones…

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  1. Excellent tutorial! Short/sweet/to the point. Very helpful. Looking forward to more of these.

  2. David


    Thanks for taking the time to create this video (and others). Your site is an excellent down to earth reference for people trying to disseminate online effectiveness.
    (infact your one of only 5 or so blogs I visit overall).
    Keep up the good work.

  3. ProWeb


    Ian, we need more of these! There aren’t enough good Analytics videos for digging into the goods of what the system offers. I know I’m just scratching the surface for what actionable info I can pull.

  4. Cassie


    Definitely the 5 minute format. I rarely watch videos at all, let alone videos longer than 5 minutes. This one was perfect – and really helpful!

  5. These are great, Ian. Thank you!

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