Why Google’s new in-page analytics sorta sucks: A video

Ian Lurie Nov 12 2010

I lie at the beginning of this video. I say that there are some things I love about Google Analytics’ new ‘in-page analytics’ feature. Truth is, I hate it. You know I’m a fan of all things Google Analytics, but man, this one stinks up the joint like a rotting pig carcass. Watch the video to see why, and learn an alternative:

In which I say “don’t use in-page analytics!”, explain why, and present alternatives.

PS: I don’t even mention the part where Google Analytics’ page overlay then burrows into your browser like a tick and refuses to go away, so every time you load your site after using it, you get the overlay. Waaaah.


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  1. Ian I enjoy your content.
    You probably already know this but the link tracking behavior you are talking about in the new “in-page analytics” (I have not even played with it yet) is the same as it was with older site overlay method.

  2. Ian


    @Mike Yup, I know. I’m just… disappointed.

  3. Sid


    Ian, to get rid of the “sticky” overlay on your site, just remove a cookie from Google. I can’t remember it off the top of my head, but I found it easily.
    It’s annoying though, I agree. I don’t particularly like the feature either.

  4. Andrew Wheeler

    Andrew Wheeler

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the video – so is this new feature any different to the previous content overlay analytics had?
    I too have used Clicktale, although the one negative I find is the javascript is a little slow loading when put through a speed test. I guess thats the trade off for the amount of cool information you get from it!
    Definitely worth installing for a few months to see how your pages really work.

  5. Ian


    @Andrew It’s the same, basically, except they made it prettier. I agree on Clicktale – but the data is worth the brief hit.

  6. Himpo


    I absolutely agree and use Clicktale in addition to GA now.
    However, have you ever given Clicky a try? If I remember correctly, it has a pretty decent on page analytics module.

  7. Markus


    Some web analytics tools offer real clicktracking as addon. Very easy if you don’t even have to add an extra code – like with clicktale or crazyegg.

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