Google Analytics Down For the Count

Ian Lurie Jul 30 2007

Update: Starting to see some data now. According to the Google Analytics Blog, they’re making progress.

ga delay

Update:From the Google Analytics Blog – “Temporary Reporting Delay Since Saturday Night”.

Google reports they are updating accounts right now. All data was stored. The reports just weren’t updated. That’s the best case, I guess, given the circumstances.

They will post a further update when reports are fully restored. I’ll update here, too.

Google Analytics has been dead, recording zero results, since late Saturday.

No note or message from Google or from Avinash.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on, exactly – any chance we can get a note, or at least a muffled ‘oops’…?

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  1. Yeah, the lack of communication is a bit disconcerting… They’re usually pretty good about it.

  2. Good to know – I thought nobody had visited my website!

  3. ian


    Hi Sunil,
    Easiest way would be to have Google Analytics e-mail you a report every day. Then parse the report using the scripting language of your choice, and display the result on your home page.

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