Google Analytics Is Having Problems: Auto-Tagging Issues

Ian Lurie Jan 16 2008

If you’re using Google Analytics, Google Adwords and ‘auto-tagging’, you may have noticed that your numbers suddenly dropped:

Google Analytics out

It’s not you. We’ve researched this and contacted Google. Here’s what we found out:

  • Apparently, this is only occurring for folks using auto-tagging. If you’re using UTM codes, you’re fine.
  • Google is aware of the problem and is working on it.
  • The folks at Google say no data’s been lost.
  • It appears, at least for us, that clicks and sales from Adwords were recorded as ‘direct’ instead. So the revenue may still be in your reports, just mis-allocated.

So, if you’re seeing data weirdness, and you’re using auto-tagging, double-check your implementation. But realize that it may have been this bug.

tags : conversation marketing