Google Analytics Video Tutorial 3: A Correction

Ian Lurie Mar 13 2007

Justin pointed out an error I’d made in Google Analytics Tutorial 3:

I wanted to bring up one point re: Tutorial #3. In the video you show how to cross segment referral traffic based on Content. I think this part of the video may be a bit off. When I cross segment my Referring Source based on Content I do not see the content from my site, I see the content from the referral site. Google Analytics is showing me the page on the referral site where the link to my site appeared.

In general, ‘Content’ referrs to the utm_content variable which is used for A/B testing ads. However, in the case of referrals, GA stores the page on the referral site in the ‘space’ where it would normally store the value for A/B test.

Completely correct. In Tutorial 3 I misspoke and said ‘your site’ rather than ‘the referring site’.

In Google Analytics, “content” cross segmentation from the referring source report will show the page on the referring site that sent you the traffic.

So clicking on, say, “Google [referral]” will show you this:


This list shows that folks came to my site from Google Reader and their Google Home Page.

You can also read Google Analytics’ documentation on the subject here.

I’m planning to do another referral tracking tutorial soon, and I’ll explain more at that time.

Justin wrote this excellent piece about cross segmentation last week, too.

Thanks Justin!

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